Color therapy is a technique of applying colored light to the body.   Color therapy is not new.  In fact evidence of this therapy is found in the Healing temples of light at Heliopolis, the Egyptian center for the worship of Arum-la.  Recently, Rudolph Steiner, C.W. Leadbeater, Dinshaw Ghadiali and Faber Birren have added a lot to our understanding of this therapy.

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Red light stands for heat, fire or anger and circulation of the blood. Therapists to cure paralysis and blood ailments use it.

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Orange light is symbolic of prosperity and pride.  This color is used increase the pulse rate, lactation, to dispel gall bladder and kidney stones, various liver ailments and constipation.

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Yellow color is associated with joy and happiness and also the intellect. This color is used to treat diabetes, indigestion, liver ailments, constipation, eye and sore throat infections.


Green color is used to treat nervous conditions, hay fevers and colds.  Green is the color of harmony.


Blue is considered as a mystical color and is used to reduce pain and bleeding and helps to heal burns and treat amoebic colitis, skin ailments and rheumatism.


Indigo is used to heal migraines of a nervous origin.


Violet color is associated with psychic and spiritual power and is used to treat rheumatism, emotional disturbances and easing childbirth.


Studies in the U.S point of that, persons bathed in blue color experience a drop in their blood pressures.  Red light increases the blood pressure.

Therapists use different ways to shine light on patients.  Some apply the light directly, or use colored glass; others recommend that patients should take liquids from particular colored containers.  Therapists in Europe make patients wear certain colored robes and receive light from a special “Beamers”.  Usually no more than three colors are used at a time and one of them is blue.  Some Australian researchers advocate color breathing exercises during which one visualizes the color with the opposite meaning from the color of the thought form, one wishes to negate.  Much of Color therapy is still experimental and not popular in India yet.