It’s not uncommon to get indigestion while trying different foods when travelling or due to overeating. . Listed below are some home remedies which. You might want to try out during a bout of indigestion.

Some useful home remedies:

Lotus Seeds – In Vietnam, lotus seeds are used to help lower blood pressure, fight infection and to calm the stomach from nausea and indigestion. They eat them roasted or in a tea.

Ajain – Also known as ajowan caraway or carom. In India, they take lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ajain and drink it warm.

Ginger- Fresh ginger is added to boiling water and then made into a tea with honey and lemon

Fennel Seeds- All over the world fennel seeds help to get rid of stomach aches. They add a teaspoon of it to a cup of hot water. They then strain it to remove the seeds and sip the liquid. It’s best to sip the liquid slowly.

Cayenne Pepper- This spice has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves stomach pain. It can be added to whatever you want including food or liquids. It should be used sparingly in persons who are sensitive to spice.

Coriander Seeds- Coriander seeds are very useful to tackle stomach discomfort.                 It stimulates the body to produce a digestive enzyme that helps food digest faster in the stomach. About a teaspoon of coriander seeds are grounded into a power and added to a cup of boiling water to drink as a tea.

Peppermint Tea- Peppermint tea is useful when you are dealing with some sort of stomach discomfort. Peppermint tea is known in many parts of the world for its calming qualities.

Nutmeg- This spice is used to help stomach pain. It also has a lot of antibacterial properties and can help fight infections. Many add it to boiling water and then drink it.

White rice & lemon –Steam white rice and lemon and eat throughout the day to settle an upset stomach.


Stomach indigestion is a very common problem and are best tackled with home remedies and simple medications rather than taking expensive allopathic medication.