Massage therapy is scientific rubbing of the body and it is a part of Naturopathy.  Massage therapy is at least 5000 years old and the Chinese have been using this therapy for healing many ailments. Ayurvedic physicians in South India are famous for their oil massage.  Even Greeks, Roman, Turks, Arabs, and Persians have used Massage as a therapy to cure Rheumatism and Paralysis.

Massage therapy involves the principle of friction applied to the body, which generates ‘Kinetic or Static energy’.  Massage may be in the form of rubbing, stroking, kneading, pressing, pinching, tapping, shaking, squeezing, hacking, beating or slapping.  Massage therapy is also supposed to stimulate the muscles and improve the endocrine gland function.

Massage is Holistic:


Massage is Holistic because there is a transfer of the ‘soul force energy’ from the therapist to the patient and also a relaxation of the body of the patient, which will help the soul force of the patient to express it self and help in the healing process. Ideally massage should always be done on the nude skin.


The medical advantages of massage therapy are many; it improves the circulation of blood, skin and lymph vessels.  It improves the eliminative processes in the body.  It improves the assimilation of the body.  Massage is very useful in many arthritic disorders of an inflammatory nature.  It reduces the pain and stiffness of the body and gives a sense of well-being to the patient.  An oil massage reduces the dryness in the skin.  Massage is also useful in reducing congestion and thickening of tissues.

Massage therapy should not be used when the patient has wounds, burns, diffuse skin diseases like eczema, in cancers, acute bone diseases.   Massage should be carefully done during menstruation, during pregnancy or in cases of lymphangitis.


Massage therapy is a Holistic science but should only be used as an adjunct to other orthodox and established therapies.  It is also very important to note that the masseur should be trained well so as not to cause pain and should intuitively know how much pressure to apply so as not to cause discomfort to the patient.