My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 2.

Honey bee sting.


Bee stings:

As children we used to throw stones on a bee hive and  we used to get bitten by the angry bees.

My grandmother’s home made remedy was very simple.

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She used to take 1 teaspoonful of lime (sometimes more). She used to add a spoonful of tamarind paste to this mix and  vigorously stirred to form a paste. She then crushed garlic cloves and released its juices into this mix.  She finally added some honey to the mix.

images6Lavender oil

When we were out on picnic and she could not make her wonder mix. She rubber   lavender oil which, she always carried in her purse and applied it to the bee sting and the pain used to vanish soon.


Another interesting tip I have heard from my elders to combat bee stings is to use tobacco.. If you have loose tobacco you can hold it with light pressure against the sting until the pain and swelling go down. If you do not have loose tobacco but have a cigarette, just simply break the cigarette open to remove the tobacco. This is a sure shot way of combating the ill effects of bee stings.



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