My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 5.

Home remedies for hair growth.



In the South Indian state of Kerala, India. Women have long and thick hair and they use a lot of traditional home made hair oils for hair growth. My grandma was no exception and she made her own hair oil from local ingredients

Natural Remedies:

index2Eclipta Alba leaves (Bringraj)

My grandma used a mixture of 200 ml of Eclipta Alba leaf juice (this is called as Bringraj in India).

index3Curry leaves

To this she added 100 ml of curry leaf juice.

index4Henna juice

Then she added 10 ml of Henna juice,

index5Cumin seeds

10 gram of cumin seeds.


Then she added 100 ml of amla juice and 2 teaspoonful of lime juice.

index7Shoe flower

She added 10 shoe flowers to the mix and mixed and boiled this with 300 ml of coconut oil. She had this ready-made when we came for our holidays.


Bringraj is a famous Ayurvedic ingredient in hair oils for hair growth. Henna is good for hair grown. Shoe flower is a cooling herb that has a number of valuable pectins, organic acids and other useful ingredients for hair growth. Fenugreek and cumin seeds accelerate hair growth and protect the natural color of the hair.

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