Radionics is a technique of healing using extrasensory perception (ESP) and an instrument. It is not directed at detecting the subtle energy fields in the body; those fields undetected by the normal senses but which support life and are essential for its functioning. The patient can be far away from the practitioner– the distance is irrelevant.

Radionics as a healing art originated from the research of the distinguished American physicians Dr. Albert Abrams. He was born in San Francisco in 1863 and became one of the most highly qualified specialists of his day. A graduate of the University of California, he wrote several medical text books and eventually won for himself a national reputation as a specialist in diseases of the nervous system.  In the course of his research Abrams made the startling discovery that diseases could be measured in terms of energy, and he devised and instrument which calibrated dials which enabled him to identify and measure disease reactions and intensities. From this work, called E.R.A. of the Electronic Reaction of Abrams, came Radionics as we know it today

How is Radionics assessment carried out? 

Radionics uses dowsing devices can take many forms such as:

  1. Changes in frictional forces or surface tension on a detector pad.
  1. Movements of a forked twig or L-rods.
  2. Biofeedback instruments with electrodes or transducers to amplify low level body signals.

Radionics treatment:

The Radionics practitioner uses his intuition and the Radionic instrument to observe the reactions in his apparatus and thus determines the cause of the disease. He then accurately determines the correct treatment to eliminate the underlying disease element.

Conclusion: Radionics is based on the understanding that every person has an energy pattern that is unique like their fingerprint. And that every part of their body, down to the cell level, reflects these ‘vibrations’.  When illness, injury, infection, stress, pollution, malnutrition, or poor hygiene causes these patterns to become imbalanced, then the energy is altered. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sending messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the correction of the disturbed energy fields.