Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 10.


This remedy is derived from Arsenious Oxide and it was Dr. Hahnemann who proved it.

It is a profoundly acting remedy on every tissue and organ.

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 It suits persons who are extremely fastidious, critical and tidy.  Such patients are also anxious and become vexed very easily.

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 It is useful whenever there is debility, exhaustion and restlessness with nightly aggravation.

 It is useful in burning pains.

 It is a useful whenever there is thirst for small sips of water.

 It is useful for injurious effects of fruits, especially the succulent ones.


 It is a great remedy that gives quiet and eases in the last moments of life.

 This remedy is useful when the patient has great anguish and restlessness, with fear of death, suicidal tendency and a despair that drives him from place to place.


 This remedy is useful in burning in eyes with acrid lachrymation with intense photophobia and corneal ulceration.

 This remedy is useful when there is a thin watery excoriation with discharge and the nose feels stopped up.

This remedy is useful whenever there is great thirst for small quantities of water, with nausea and vomiting after eating and drinking and the patient craves for acids and coffee. It is also useful whenever there is heartburn and dyspepsia with vinegar, ice cream, ice water and tobacco.

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It suits persons who are allergic to ice cream, fruits, meat, fish and cheese.


 This remedy is useful in painful spasmodic protrusion of the rectum, tenesmus, burning pain and pressure in the rectum with small and offensive stools with great prostration. This remedy is also useful in dysentery and cholera.

 It is useful whenever the urine is scanty, burning and involuntary.  It is also useful in albuminuria. It is considered to be a useful remedy in Acute Nephritis.

images9Herpes Zoster.

 This remedy is useful whenever there is itching of the skin with burning, swelling, edema and eruptions, which are dry and scaly.  This remedy is also useful in Urticaria and in Psoriasis.  It is also useful in Herpes Zoster, where there is burning, shooting pain, with  black color exudates.

 This remedy is a good sleep inducer and can be giving when the sleep is anxious and restless.


 It is useful to break up fevers with a periodicity and marked exhaustion.

 This remedy suits persons, who are worse in wet weather, after midnight, from the cold weather, from cold drinks; seashore and all complaints have a preponderance to be on the right side.

 This remedy suits persons who are better from the heat, elevation of the head and warm drinks.


 ARSENICUM is the most trusted remedy in collapse in Cholera.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.


 In various advanced septic cases with persistent vomiting (and possibly diarrhea) ARSENIC ALBUM possesses considerable virtue, I have known it to work almost miraculously in several desperate cases of this kind.

Dr. H. L. Northrop, M.D. F.A.C.S.

 Use ARSENIC ALBUM in high potency to relieve the mental distress of dying.

Dr. R.A.F. Jack.

ARSENICUM ALBUM is very valuable for the weak heart, which is irritable, rapid action on slightest provocation.

Dr. Allen, M.D.

 ARSENICUM is our most important diuretic suitable for all forms of dropsy, more particularly in dropsy depending upon heart disease and edema of the lungs.

Dr. Bahr.


When the Peptic ulcer is at the pyloric end: ARSENICUM should be considered.

Dr. Pope.

 Diarrhea after ice cream points to ARSENICUM.

Dr. Dorothy Shepherd.

In asthma, the more the patient seems on the point of suffocation, the more painful and distressing his restlessness, the more wheezing and louder his respiration, the more ARSENIC will be found appropriate.

Dr. Boehr.

 ARSENICUM ALBUM is very efficacious in the 30th potency every half hour for 4 to 6 doses for the usual colds due to change of temperature.

Dr. Blakey.

 ARSENIC will establish more than any other remedy in the stage of effusion.

Dr. Mitchell.

 ARSENIC ALBUM is an excellent remedy for the treatment of Idiopathic neuralgia, which occurs as a result of Malaria or Influenza, more frequently as a symptom of pure debility.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

In simple uncomplicated cases of Cholera, ARSENIC is only by far the best remedy.

Dr. Ringer.

images13Hay Fever

As a prophylactic, ARSENIC OR ALLIUM CEPA may be given for sometime before the expected time for the HAY FEVER.

Dr. Custis, M.D.

According to me, ARSENIC is proved specific to counteract the effect of PENICILLIN.

Dr. M.B. Desai.

ARSENICUM ALBUM antidotes the evil effects and distressing symptoms that follow the Yellow fever shots.

Dr. Grimmer, M.D.

I have relied upon ARSENIC ALBUM almost exclusively in the treatment of typhoid in hospitals.

Dr. Fleishmann.

 ARSENIC seems especially adapted to loss of vision dependent upon the use of tobacco, and has proven clinically to be the first value in Retro-bulbar neuritis.

Dr. Norton. M.D.

In Pellagra the most efficient remedy is ARSENICUM ALBUM in low potency.

Dr. Hunder B. Stiles, M.D.

ARSENICUM ALBUM is of great service in Epithelioma of the nose and the lips.

Dr.Kent. M.D.


ARSENICUM is an excellent remedy for baldness, if the hair falls out in consequence of an impoverished condition of the follicles, the scalp and the skin generally are dry, and the patient’s assimilative powers are impaired.

Dr. Charles Hempel.

Even in the most hopeless cases of extensive inoperable malignant disease, where morphia would seem to be indicated, small doses of ARSENICUM or some other indicated remedy would abolish the pain.

Dr. Kent. M.D.

I find this remedy extremely useful in fastidious and critical persons, who are easily vexed. It is useful in certain anxious patients with acidity and surprisingly in those patients, whose asthma gets worse at midnight.  It is said to be useful in cholera.  But, I have not tried it in such cases.  It is also useful in chronic bronchitis. I also find it useful in acute nephritis.  Of course, I have used it with supportive Allopathic care.

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