Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 108.



This remedy is derived from the Tiger Lily.


It is a remedy that works on female organs.


It profoundly acts on persons who are depressed with a constant tendency to weep, and consolation aggravates.  The person is tormented about her salvation.  The patient feels that her ailment is incurable.

This remedy suits persons who are disposed to curse, strike and utter obscene things.  This remedy suits persons who are aimless, hurried in their manner and must keep busy.


It is useful in myopic astigmatism and restores the power of the weakened ciliary muscle.

It is useful for flatulence with pressure in the rectum and anus and the patient has a constant desire to pass stool.

The remedy suits persons who feel as if the heart is grasped by a vice.  The heart feels full to the point of bursting, there are palpitations and the pulse is irregular and very rapid.  There is pain in the cardiac region with a feeling of lead in the chest.


This remedy suits persons who have Angina Pectoris with pain in the right arm.

The remedy suits persons who have scanty, early menstruation, with dark clotted blood.  The menstrual blood is dark clotted and offensive and there is a bearing down to pass stools with the onset of menstruation.  This remedy suits females with pain in the ovarian region, radiating down to the thighs.  It is also considered to be a useful remedy in Nymphomania.

This remedy suits ladies who have an acrid leucorrhoea with smarting in the labia.  This remedy is also useful when there is smarting in the labia associated with sub-involution of the uterus with itching in the pudendal region.


It is useful when there is aching in the legs and the person cannot keep still and there is burning with palms and soles.

This remedy suits persons is useful for person who have a disturbed sleep with dreams.


Think highly of LILIUM in cases of ciliary spasm where the nervo-muscular derangement of the eye has caused a certain degree of astigmatism.  Recorded several cases in which such conditions disappeared under its use.

Dr. Woodyatt.

 Recommend LILIUM TIGRINUM to be given in mental and moral disturbances connected with uterine disorder and those which occasionally manifest themselves in pregnancy, child-bed and the climacteric age those in fact, for which ACTEA RACEMOSA has hitherto been our main remedy.

Dr. Dyce Brown.