Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 114.


 This remedy is derived from Magnesium Phosphate.

It suits subjects who are languid, tired and extremely exhausted and find it difficult to even sit up.


It is a great anti-spasmodic remedy.  It is useful in cramps in the muscles with radiating pains.  It is useful when severe neuralgic pains are relieved with warmth.

It is useful in supra-orbital pains worse on the right side, with twitching of the lids, with nystagmus strabismus and ptosis of the lids.


It is useful when the toothache is better by heat and hot liquids.

It is useful when the flatulent colic forces the patient to bend double, and the pains are relieved by rubbing, warmth or pressure and is accompanied by belching gas.  The abdomen feels bloated and the patient must loosen the clothing.

It is useful in ailments of teething children.


It is useful in membranous dysmenorrhoea, vaginismus and in menstrual colic.

It is useful when the voice is hoarse, sore and raw.    It is useful in dry tickling cough, which is spasmodic.


This remedy is useful in Inter-costal neuralgia.


It is useful in Angina Pectoris with nervous palpitation.


It is useful in Parkinson’s disease.  It is also useful cramps in the calves and in writer’s cramp.

This remedy suits persons who are worse on the right side, worse touch and in the night.

This remedy suits persons who are better from warmth, bending double, pressure and friction.



In vesical neuralgia after catherization: MAG PHOS.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.

 MAG PHOS can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer.

Dr. Heselton.

 One’s chief use for MAG PHOS has been in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.  Single dose of the CM given anytime the patient happened to come up, not necessarily during the painful period, have cured for us, quite a number of cases, the indications being dysmenorrhoea, with violent abdominal pain, doubling the patient up and only relieved by heat.

 Dr. M. L. Tyler, M.D.

 In cases of Angina Pectoris, where immediate temporary relief has been obtained with Nitrites, but where there is still discomfort, MAG PHOS will often help.  It should be given in hot water and I usually dissolve 10 tablets in a quarter glass of water and direct the patient to take a sip or a teaspoonful every, 5 or 10 minutes, until better.

 Dr. Garth W. Boericke, M.D.

 When riding in a strong cold wind brings on neuralgia, think of MAG PHOS; when it brings on paralysis, think of CAUSTICUM.

Homeopathic recorder, March’ 31.

 I am of the opinion that MAG PHOS is the best rejuvenator we possess.  Moreover, in practice I have found it to cover the exhaustion and most of the painful ailments of which old people complain and now give it to any person who looks older than his or her years.

Dr. Heselton.

Bad effects of coal-tar derivatives, Aspirin or Anacin etc; CARBOVEG, MAG PHOS, LACHESIS AND ARNICA.

Hom Herald.

 MAG PHOS may be studied as one of the great remedies for the immediate after effects of tetanus shots.

Dr. A H. Grimmer.

MAG PHOS is the remedy for nerve tension, as exhibited in the pulse.  In severe cases of nervous tension, there is not only well marked tension to the pulse but the cords of the wrists are tense.  You cannot do your patient much good until you relax the nerve tension.  If you find it in both wrists, it shows that the condition has become general.  The whole nervous system is involved. In that case, MAG PHOS will prove to you a friend in need.   Give MAG PHOS 3x, three tablets every 2 hours, in a teaspoonful of hot water. In urgent cases with severe pains, or acute spasms give 10 tablets, in half a glass of hot water, a teaspoonful every 15 minutes, until relieved.

Dr. Eli. G Jones, M.D.