Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 13


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This is a Nosode and it is made from the maceration of a typical tubercular lung.

It has been employed successfully in the treatment of tuberculosis.

It has been found particularly useful in many chronic non-tubercular diseases too, like many non-tubercular respiratory ailments.

 Bacillinum is indicated for the lungs of old people with chronic catarrhal condition of an enfeebled pulmonary circulation.


 It is also useful in removing tartar from the teeth.

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The skin symptoms for this remedy are useful is for ringworm, eczema of eyelids.

It is also useful in enlarged glands in the neck that are tender.



 In children who look old, dwarfed and wrinkled, also with a tuberculous heredity, SYPHILINUM AND BACILLINUM given in turn, will work wonders.

                                                                    Dr. Noel. Pudephatt.

 I have often used BACILLINUM in grippy colds or in bronchitis where a cough has persisted despite the usual treatment.  It is astonishing sometimes to note how promptly a dose of BACILLINUM will stop such a cough.


BACILLINUM has proved to be one of the best remedies in asthma where there may not be a history of tuberculosis.  It is especially useful when there is a very bad chronic cough accompanying and many calcified nodes are seen throughout the chest in the X-rays.

                                                                   Dr. Wilbur. K. Bond, M.D.


I find Bacillinum very useful in children with bronchitis and constant colds with a family history of Tuberculosis.

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