Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 103.



This remedy is derived from the Surukuru Snake poison.

This is a constitutional remedy for warm-blooded subjects who are worse in summer, sun’s rays, hot drinks and warm blood.


It is useful for hemorrhagic tendencies, purpuras, septic states, diphtheria and other forms of diseases of low-grade toxicity.

It is a useful remedy for Menopause in women, with a melancholic disposition.

This remedy suits persons who CANNOT BEAR ANYTHING TIGHT ANYWHERE.


It is a useful remedy for great talkativeness (loquacity) and whenever the patient is sad in the morning with no desire to mix with the world. It suits persons who are restless and uneasy and do not wish to attend to business. It also suits persons who are jealous and suspicious. It is useful for persons, who have a derangement of time sense. This remedy also combats the bad effects of grief, sorrow, fright, vexation, jealousy and disappointed love.

It is useful when there is headache while awakening. The headache comes as waves of pain and the headache is sun related. The vertigo is relieved with menstruation or with the start of a nasal discharge.

It is a useful remedy when the coryza is preceded by headache.


It is useful when the gums are swollen, spongy, bleeding with aphthous ulcers and denuded spots in the mouth with burning and rawness.

It is useful when the throat is sore, worse on the left side and when the swallowing liquid is very painful. It is useful whenever the tonsils are purplish. Empty swallowing is more painful than swallowing solids.

It is also useful whenever, the person feels worse from touch and whenever the collar and the neckband should be loose.

It is a useful remedy whenever there is a craving for alcohol and oysters.
It also suits persons who cannot wait for food, when they are hungry.

This remedy is useful whenever the liver region is sensitive and the person cannot bear anything around the waist.

It is a useful remedy whenever the person feels constipated with offensive stools and the anus feels tight.

It is useful when the pains dart up the rectum and hemorrhoids protrude, become constricted and purplish.

It is useful in menopausal symptoms, like palpitation, flashes of heat, hemorrhages from the uterus and when the lady feels worse from the pressure of the clothes.

This remedy suits persons who get relief of pain by the flow of menses.

This remedy is suitable whenever a person is susceptible to touch on the upper part of the windpipe and anything around the neck.


It is a useful remedy in Coccydynia (pain in the tail bone) when the pain is worse from rising from the sitting position.

It is useful in skin diseases when the skin is bluish, purplish in appearance and when the person has repeated boils, carbuncles, ulcers, dark blisters, pyoderma, senile erysipelas and in cellulites.

This remedy is useful in Typhoid, typhus, malaria and septic fever, returning every year or in the spring or the summer

This remedy suits persons who are worse after sleeping and for all ailments that come during sleep.

This remedy also suits persons who have left sided ailments and who are worse after a warm bath.

This remedy suits persons who feel better with the appearance of all bodily discharges.

If an abscess forms and fails to point and surrounding tissues present in a purplish hue, LACHESIS is called forth.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.

I have used LACHESIS in a number of cases of Gangrene following wounds and have never been disappointed in its results.
Dr. Franklin.


In a carbuncle and cancer, we think of LACHESIS when the surrounding area is swollen and purple or blackish and the pus forms very slowly. LACHESIS given under these circumstances increases the quantity and improves the quality of the pus and the patient’s strength improves.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.

Hale says: ‘Suitable for the worst forms of malignant erysipelas and for which we have usually used LACHESIS AND ARSENICUM.
Dr. C.K. Roberts.

Consider LACHESIS in flooding at the climacteric. Also AURUM in pre-cancerous flowing.
Dr. Burnett. M.D.

In the newborn, after a hard labor, when there is the probability that some degree of cerebral hemorrhage is present, even though it does not produce local symptoms, LACHESIS 30 three times daily for a few days will serve to clear up the blood clot.
Dr. Robert L. Wood, M.D.

Great relief from expectoration of watery phlegm; this symptom is a neglected characteristic of LACHESIS in asthma.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.