Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 32.


This remedy is derived from Vegetable charcoal.

This remedy is useful in collapse condition, with sweating, pale face, feeble pulse, cold tongue, and cyanosis and in persons, who want to be fanned.



A typical patient requiring this remedy is fat & lazy. His head is hot and the breath is cool, the pulse is imperceptible, oppressed and he must have a lot of air.

It is a wonderful remedy for those who have never recovered from the effects of some previous illness.

The remedy is useful for headaches that come on after over-indulgence of food or drinks.

The remedy is useful when the hair feels sore and falls off easily.

It is useful when the patient suffers from bleeding from the nose (epistaxis) in daily attacks with a pale face.


The remedy is useful when the tongue is coated white brown and covered with aphthous ulcers.


The remedy is useful when the patient complains of eructation, heaviness, fullness and sleepiness after meals.

It is also useful when there is flatulence with pain and eructation after eating and drinking. The eructation is rancid, sour or putrefied.

This remedy is useful when the patient complains of constrictive pain in the chest with distension of the abdomen. The digestion is slow with putrefaction of food.

This remedy is useful in Mumps, where testicular inflammation (orchitis) becomes a complication.

It is useful, when there is itching, gnawing and burning in the rectum. There is acrid corrosive moisture from the rectum.

The skin is blue, cold and ecchymosed as seen in varicose veins and in carbuncles.

This remedy is useful when there is wheezing and hoarseness of the voice, worse at night. There is a rattling of mucous in the chest. The patient desires to be fanned.

The remedy is suited to those who are worse in the evening and night and on open air, from fat food, butter, coffee, milk and warm damp weather and from urination, pressure of clothes.

The patient requiring this remedy are better after eructation, fanning and from cold applications and the discharge of flatus.


I have used CARBO VEG, ANTIM TART AND LYCOPODIUM, in some cases of Insulin shock with good results. I suppose any of the so-called collapse remedies might be indicated.
Dr. H.A. Roberts, M.D.

CARBO VEGETABILIS is an excellent remedy for the terrible dyspnoea of Chronic Aortitis especially when the patient has become very anemic, dropsical etc.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.

CARBO VEG is an excellent remedy in various diseases of the digestive system: dyspepsia low type, resulting from dissipation, excessive indulgence in rich foods, luxurious wines, etc especially after NUX VOMICA has failed.
Dr. Cowperthwaithe, M.D.

Dr. Mc. Laren in a recent Homeopathic Recorder (45:840) claimed that SULFUR would cure 9 out of 10 cases of Chronic Gastric Ulcer, with CARBO VEG coming next.
Dr. Paul. S. Wyne, M.D.

If Pneumonia assumes a chronic form, if abscess and gangrene set in, if the sputa becomes fetid, and badly colored, no remedy is likely to afford the best help if CARBO VEG fails us.
Dr. Boehr.

Wurmb and Casoar esteemed CARBO VEGETABILIS highly at the Leopoldstadt Hospital in Chronic hoarseness (to which it is markedly Homeopathic) and in emphysema.
Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

Post-Influenzal asthenia: CHINA, CHININ ARS, and CARBO VEG.

Dr. Charles Boericke, M.D.

For the bad effects following excessive application of all coal tar derivatives, including the so-called wonder drugs, CARBO VEGETABILIS AND LACHESIS have been very effective antidotes, quickly restoring the patient to a normal status.

Dr. Grimmer, M.D.

Bad effects of Barbiturates: CARBO VEG.

Dr. Carr, M.D.

CARBO VEG: Often at the brink of death a savior in those states of collapse, dissolution of blood and paralytic conditions, which seem rapidly to involve the whole organism.
Dr. Raue, M.D.

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