Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 34.


This remedy is derived from a plant called as the St. Mary’s Thistle.


The action of this drug is centered on the liver and the portal system, causing soreness, pain and jaundice.


It is useful in patients who are forgetful and apathetic. It is useful in vertigo with a tendency to fall forward.

It is useful when there is a bitter taste in the tongue, which is furred with nausea and vomiting of green acrid fluid.

The stools alternate between hard bright yellow, clay stools and diarrhea.


It is also a great remedy for Gall stone disorders.

It is useful in bleeding piles with prolapse of the rectum. It is also a useful remedy in rectal cancer with profuse diarrhea.

This remedy is also useful when there is pain in the lower right
Ribs that is worse walking or moving. It is also useful in pain in the hips through the buttocks down to the thighs, worse stooping and the patient finds it difficult to straighten the back in sciatica.

It is a useful remedy in Miner’s asthma.

CARDUS MARIANUS will cure Arteriosclerosis; it gives marked benefit to the patients. The dose is 5 drops of the tincture thrice daily, to be carefully administered.

Dr. O. Hutchinson.

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