Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 39.



This remedy principally acts on the kidneys and the genito-urinary tract.

It is useful in Hepatic and Renal dropsies.

It is useful in acute or chronic bladder catarrh.

It is useful when the urine is scanty, ropy and loaded with muco-purulent sediment.


It is useful in benign enlargement of the prostate.

It is useful when there is an urging to urinate, when there is burning and scalding during urination.

It is useful in acute prostatitis when the patient is unable to urinate without standing with the feet wide apart and the body inclined forward.

Some tips from the masters…

No medicine has been so serviceable for me in cases remarkable for the great amount of muco-purulent cystitis in the absence of pain as CHIMAPHILA.
Dr. Hale, M.D.

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