Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 43.



It is useful to allay the fears in patients who dream of impending evil.

It is useful in rheumatic subjects with ovarian irritation. It has a wide action upon the cerebrospinal, muscular system, the uterus and ovaries.


It is useful when muscular and cramp like pains prevail in every part of the body, in neurotic patients.


It is useful in migraine.


It is useful in deep-seated throbbing or shooting pains in the eyes with photophobia to artificial light.

It is useful in patients who complain of numbness of the left arm and the patient feels that the heart’s action is likely to stop suddenly.

It is useful when the spine is sensitive with stiffness and contraction in the neck and the back.


It is useful in Inter-costal rheumatism and in rheumatic pain in the muscles of the back and the neck.


It is extremely useful in the stiffness in the tendo-achilles.


It is a useful remedy in insomnia.

It is useful when the patients are worse in the morning, in the cold, during menstruation.

It is also useful when the patients are better from warmth and eating.


CIMICIFUGA is useful during pregnancy as a preparation for labor and numerous patients have derived great benefit from its administration. It acts best when given occasionally in high potency.
Dr. Ruddock, M.D. Dr. Nixon, M.R.C.S.

CIMICIFUGA is only second to Pulsatilla in amenorrhoea specially suppressed from cold or emotion.

Dr. Cowperthwaite, M.D.

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