Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 44.




It is derived from the Wormseed, Artemisia contra.

This is essentially a children’s remedy.

The child is big, fat, rosy, scrofulous corresponding to conditions of intestinal problems, such as worms.


It is a suitable remedy is for irritability of temper in children, variable appetite and grinding of the teeth.

This remedy is suitable, whenever, the child is hungry cross and wants to be rocked.

The remedy is useful when the child desires many things and does not wish to touched, is extremely cross in nature, desires many things but rejects everything.

It is useful in children who constantly digs and scratches his ears.

This remedy is useful, when the patient desires to bore the nose all the time and wishes to rub and pick the nose.

This remedy is useful when the patient feels hungry immediately after a meal.

It is useful to correct the hyper-acidity with epigastric pain.

It is useful for children who have an excessive craving for sweets.

It is a useful remedy when the child has a bloated abdomen and colic.

It is a useful remedy when the child sleeps on the hands and knees and when the child cries out and wakes up frightened.

When there are papillae on the tip of the tongue, the child has worms; CINA is the remedy.
Dr. Edwards.
The most careful analysis of clinical experience has demonstrated that CINA is the most powerful for the elimination of round worms.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.
CINA is a great remedy for Xanthopsia. There is a yellow tine imparted to the landscape and the objects looked at, are effects perhaps most comparable to that of looking through yellow glasses.

Dr. N. M. Choudhuri, M.D.
I have repeatedly killed tapeworm with CINA, as well as the lumbrici and ascarides.

Dr. Bayes.

Cina is a very useful remedy in Helminthiasis. Of course, we as allopathic physicians have several medicines, such as; Mebendazole, Albendazole, etc for this problem. But, Cina has that knack of getting rid of the worms and also helps combat certain behavioral problems in young children with Pica (the tendency to eat indigestible things). It is also useful in certain cases of nocturnal enuresis in children.

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