Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 49



This remedy is derived from the Meadow Saffron plant, which belongs to the Liliaceae group of plants.


This remedy affects the muscular tissues markedly along with the periosteum and the synovial membranes of the joints.

It is suitable whenever the person feels great weakness, internal coldness and a tendency to collapse.


It is useful whenever the smell of food causes nausea, with pain in the stomach with flatulence.


There is distension of the abdomen with gas.

The remedy is useful whenever the stools are painful, scanty, jelly like with shredded particles in large quantities.

It is useful whenever there is sharp pain in the left arm and tearing in the limbs in warm weather.


It is a useful remedy when there is a pins and needles sensation in the hands, wrists and when the fingertips become numb.

It is useful when the limbs are stiff with a gouty inflammation, and in shifting rheumatism, which is worse in the night.


It is useful in Lumbo-sacral strain.

It is a useful remedy when the patients are worse from sundown to sunrise, from motion, loss of sleep, smell of food, and mental exertion.

The remedy is useful when patients feel better from stooping.

It is also useful acute rheumatic carditis.

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