Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 5


 imagesCrops of Boilsimages2Erysipelas

It is a Nosode (from the spleen of the sheep infected with the Anthrax bacillus) and is useful in septic inflammations, carbuncles and malignant ulcers.

 This remedy is curative in boils, especially whenever there is a succession of boils.

 It is useful whenever there is terrible burning, induration of cellular tissues, abscesses and buboes.

 It is useful whenever the glands are swollen and the cellular tissues are edematous and indurated.

 It is useful whenever there is ulceration and sloughing of tissues.

 It is useful in Erysipelas.

 It is useful in dissecting wounds, insect stings and whenever there is a tendency for gangrene.


 There still are cases of cellulites that will not yield to modern antibiotics.  If decomposing and cyanotic tissue is in the make up of the wound and the complaint is severe burning pain locally, the situation deserves ANTHRACINUM.

 Dr. Blackwood, M.D.

 ANTHRACINUM when the burning pain is violent and not relieved by ARSENIC; cerebral symptoms, gangrenous destruction; I have given ANTHRACINUM in several cases where there were symptoms of the same destructive character with the same beneficial effect.

Dr. Raue, M.D.

ANTHRACINUM & TARENTULA clear up boils in a few days brilliantly and miraculously.

 Dr. Dorothy Shephard.

WE are in a era of where resistant bacteria e are a nuisance to the medical world. MRSA organisms are showing antibiotic resistance all over the world.  In such a scenario, this is a safe Homeopathic medicine that may be taken when there is a repeated crops of painful boils and the skin sloughs off and heals. It can be taken in a low potency and can be repeated frequently for a few weeks.

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