Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 65.



This remedy is useful for the terrible pains of cancer.

This remedy is also useful when there is the profuse salty salivation with great hunger.

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This remedy is useful in clearing erysipelas, old ulcers and gangrene.

This remedy is useful when there is an ulcerating cancer or cancerous growth on the skin and face.

It is also useful when there is oppressive breathing with spasmodic cough, which is dry.


Dr Case was very successful with EUPHORBIUM as a palliative for cancer. For several weeks, I was in a room next to the room of a cancer patient of his and can testify to the quick relief it gave not only to the paroxysm of severe pain, but also to the odor.

Miss. Sugden.

In an inoperable cancer, it may at times, be possible to mitigate the burning pains with the remedy EUPHORBIUM HETERODOXIA in potency.

Dr. R F Rabe, M.D.

EUPHORBIUM is useful for erysipelas with high fever, involvement of the naso-pharyngeal mucus membrane with a tendency to suppuration and burning.

Dr. Mau.

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