Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 94.


This remedy is derived from Potassium Bromide.


This is a great remedy for failure of mental powers, loss of memory, melancholia and religious depression. It is useful whenever the person feels that he is singled out for divine wrath.


It is useful in children with stammering with slow difficult speech.

It is useful whenever subjects have green watery stools.

It is useful in debility with impotence.

It is useful in cystic tumors of the ovary.


It is useful in Acne in the face, with pustules and itching and whenever there is acne on the chest.

It is useful whenever there is a restless sleep with extreme drowsiness, sleeplessness due to worry or grief.

This remedy suits persons who are better when mentally and physically occupied.


KALI BROMATUM is useful in violent cases of Dysmenorrhoea when given in intervals.
Dr. Moore.

KALI BROMATUM is often curative after EUGENIA JAMBOS in acne.
Dr. H. C. Allen, M.D.

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