Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 97.


This remedy is derived from Potassium Chloride.


This remedy has a wide clinical use in catarrhal affections. It is useful during the exudative stage of Acute Infectitious diseases such as; Chicken Pox, Measles, Acute Bronchitis and in early Orchitis.


It is useful in middle ear infections, such as Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

It is a useful remedy when the vault of the nose is covered with crusts.


It is useful in aphthous ulcers or thrush infections of the mouth.


It is useful in Follicular tonsillitis when the tonsils are inflamed.

It is useful in infections acquired in hospitals – Nasocomial Infections.

It is useful when fat rich food causes indigestion and flatulence.

It is useful in case of dysentery when there are slimy stools.


It is useful when threadworms cause itching in the anus.

It is a useful remedy, when there is a loss of voice or hoarseness of the voice associated with asthma.

It is useful in rheumatic fever with exudation and swelling around the joints.

It is useful in acne, erythema and eczema.

This remedy suits persons who are worse from rich foods, fats and with movement.

Kali muriaticum is a well-proven anti-infective and anti-virus remedy. It can be used as a prophylactic (for epidemic jaundice) and given to people near a patient; 3 doses a day for a week or so.
Dr. Koppikar, B. H, M.S.

Kali Muriaticum is the most valuable single remedy for the deafness following purulent or catarrhal otitis media.
Dr. Moffat.
KALI MUR: I have seen enlarged joints after acute rheumatism rapidly reduced to normal size under its action, sometimes after they had resisted other remedies a long time.
Dr. Nash, M.D.

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