Some useful Homepathic remedies – Part 8




It is a useful remedy in seasickness.

It is great remedy to combat vomiting with nausea, retching, lassitude, increased secretion of sweat, saliva, mucous and tears preceding it.


 It can be used whenever there is constant retching in pregnancy.

 It is useful in seasickness.

 It is useful in Pneumonia with vomiting.


 It is useful in alcohol induced nausea and constipation and insomnia.

 This remedy is useful whenever there is a hot feeling all over the body, especially the head.

It can be used in low potencies and can be repeated frequently till the nausea subsides.  A note of caution:  If the nausea does not subside, then you must consult your doctor. This website not I will not be held responsible for any adverse side effects that may accrue.

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