The Indian Spiritual scriptures are full of insights of what the mind is really made of and how to control it.  Ancient Indian seers realized that the mind is actually an instrument given by God to realize the ‘self’ or the soul within.  There is indeed a very close interaction with the mind and the body too.

 The mind is defined as a bundle of thoughts. Swami. Vivekananda has compared the mind to a monkey, which is innately restless; which is drunk, with the wine, and then possessed by a ghost and finally bitten by the scorpion. Such is the state of modern man. He is so intoxicated by worldly desires that he seldom experiences a moment of peace. His mind is constantly restless, inebriated by desires, lust, anger and greed.

The mind may be considered to be finer body inside the gross body.  That vibrates at a higher rate than the gross body.

Since the mind and the body are so closely interconnected, a disease of the body will naturally affect the mind and a disease of the mind will affect the body.  The ancient Indian seers were aware of the fact that the mind should be tamed, controlled and then annihilated for complete and comprehensive health and total self-realization.

The Indian seers believed that all the misery that is seen today was only as a result of the untamed mind.  They believed that MAN MINUS MIND WAS ACTUALLY EQUAL TO GOD.  They also believed and demonstrated through their life as a living example, that a self realized person, does not operate his life through his mind or intellect, but lives in a state of ever-new joy and spontaneity. By annihilating the mind, the person does not become a zombie, but actually becomes supremely intelligent, supremely successful and fulfilled in life. 

To experience mind control and experience a state of unalloyed bliss, the ancient Indian sages prescribed many spiritual disciplines, like yoga, meditation and pranayama.  These practices help the aspirant to experience mind control and become Holistically healthy.