There has been a subtle shift of Medicine in the last ten years of so. Many doctors and institutions are recognizing the value of spirituality and medicine and it has been conclusively proved in many studies that, prayer and spiritual practices help the healing of patients.

There is a FOURTH DIMENSION to health, called as HOLISTIC HEALTH, where the body, mind and the soul are recognized as one entity.

In India we are singularly fortunate that spiritual practices like, meditation, yoga, prayer and many spiritual practices have been an integral part of our lives, since ages.

Recently, the understanding of the endocrine glands (ductless glands in the body) has increased and more is known on how they affect our health.  For example; under-development of thyroid glands can lead to many defects, such as, obesity, idiocy, certain skin diseases, lack of sexual development, defects in the hair and nails and many other problems.

Negative emotions like intense fear, can cause a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. Some people even vomit. This is due to the over-secretion of bile.

Sustained anger causes a release of chemicals from the kidney and raises the blood pressure, via the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Renal Angiotensin axis.   It also alters the biochemistry of the body and causes an unfavorable Lipid profile level and this can lead to Coronary artery disease.   Sustained negative emotions can even cause cancers.

The body is the most perfect chemist imaginable and constantly tries to maintain perfect health. The food that we eat is transformed to blood; the blood provides nutrition to the tissues. The mind regulates the endocrines.   A calm silent mind can help harness the energy of the ‘soul force’.  The soul force is connected to the Cosmic Creative Spirit’ and this helps the body regain its youth and positive health.

A proper understanding of spiritual practices is important, because it helps us in changing the negative thinking and emotions. When we begin to tune in with the cosmos, we become healthy and realize the purpose of our creation.