Home remedies for Pimples.


For growing adolescents, especially girls, pimples are catastrophic events. The health care industry preys on this fear and pimples are a billion dollar industry. It is not necessary to invest in such expensive products and many grandmother remedies work wonderfully in getting rid of pimples and giving a glowing complexion…

Natural Remedies:

Sandalwood   Turmeric

Wood sorrel

Leebeck tree flower

Take some sandal wood, and turmeric, wood sorrel and lebbeck tree flower (Lebbeck marattiṉ pū in Tamil) and grind all these ingredients and apply the paste on the pimples.

Quassia indica leaves

You may also add Quassia indica leaves (called as Nibam in Tamil). These leaves have potent antibacterial properties and have ether and ethanol extracts that exhibit antibiotic properties against several skin pathogens

Dry Ginger:

Dry ginger powder cab mixed with water and can applied it on our pimples.

Basil leaves and Camphor:

Grind Basil leaves and camphor and apply it on our pimples. Basil leaves contain volatile oils that have therapeutic effects against pimples.

Basil leaves Camphor

Spinach Leaves(Kerrai in Tamil):

 Sesbania grandiflora

In stubborn pimples, spinach leaves (Sesbania grandiflora)(called Keerai in Tamil)can be ground into paste with water and applies on the pimples.

Abutilon leaves

Mix a dash of black pepper, garlic and abutilon leaves with castor oil and make a paste and apply on the pimples. Abutilon leaves are called as Paniyaratutti in Tamil.


A note of caution: If the pimples are severe and if there is a flare up (which is extremely rare) after using these home remedies, please contact your dermatologist immediately.

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