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The concept of Biorhythms was jointly discovered by two scientists working separately: Dr. Hermann Swoboda, Professor of Psychology, University of Vienna and Dr. Wilhelm Fliess from the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Biorhythm draws on the theory that everyone is affected throughout ones life by three internal cycles – physical, emotional and intellectual and that determines the amount of energy available to the human being.

The Physical cycle affects resistance to disease, strength and co-ordination of other body functions and takes 23 days to complete.

The Emotional cycle takes factors like moods, perceptions and mental well being and takes about 28 days.

The Intellectual cycle includes memory, alertness and logical aspects of intelligence and takes 33 days to complete.

Importance of Biorhythms:

The cycles begin at birth and then rise to a high positive phase, then plateau off and start declining.  The second half of every cycle is generally negative as the energies diminish.

Biorhythms tend to affect behavior, creativity and bodily functions like immunity and a knowledge of these patterns will help scientists research and warn patients to put off major decisions during their down phase.  Although, statistically it has been found world wide that truly critical days in one’s life only make up about 20% of one’s life, it is important that we have a knowledge of these days so that we become careful.

A proper knowledge of Biorhythms may abort accidents:

 Dr. Hans Schwing who earned a doctorate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, undertook a study based on the data from insurance companies on 700 persons involved in serious accidents, where personal judgment, reflexes and decision-making processes were involved and not mechanical failures were responsible for accidents.

Overall, Schwing’s study showed that accidents are five times more likely on critical days than on others and death was almost 11 times more likely to occur on a critical day than otherwise.


 A research on Biorhythms shows that one can almost predict motorcar accidents, air accidents and other industrial catastrophes. Studies have shown that more accidents do tend to occur on critical days within the cycle.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 116.



The skin symptoms are most marked.

This remedy is useful in dermatitis with excessive vesiculation, oozing sticky serum and formation of crusts.

It is a remedy worth remembering in mentally depressed states at puberty and climacteric, when associated with increased sexuality.


It is a useful remedy whenever the patient has a fear of becoming insane.


It is useful in whenever there is intense erythema in the skin with vesicles, fungus growths, and erysipelas, large blisters with heavy brown crusts and scabs & Pemphigus.


In cases of vomiting of pregnancy, which fail to respond to SYMPHORICORPUS: MANCINELLA.
Madras Hom Journal.
Terror of Insanity: MANCINELLA.

Dr. Hahn. Glean.



Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is the father of using Bio-energy as a therapy. Dr. Reich believed that Bio-energy travels throughout the body and would become trapped in muscles and harden them, whenever emotions were repressed. Such a blockage of energy also destroyed the natural feelings and inhibited sexual responses.

Dr. Reich discovered during his research that loosening chronically rigid muscles resulted in physical sensations such as, pricking; itching and emotional arousal and he came to regard these sensations as reflecting the movement of bio-energy of the body.

From these concepts, two therapeutic approaches evolved; Bioenergetics by Dr. Alexander Lowen and Biodynamic Psychology by Dr. Gerda Boyesen.


Dr Lowen’s approach lay in three areas:

Grounding which concentrates on the stance of the patient with the feet on the ground and energy flowing freely in a circuit which reinforces a positive link with the earth.

Breathing: Here regular breathing patterns are established so that the sensory awareness increases and the feeling of being alive are enhanced.

Character Structure: Bioenergetics recognizes five major character types and most people manifest aspects of all the five.

Schizoid character: which is represented by holding the body together as a result of fear of it’s falling to pieces. The social behavior is not in harmony with body awareness.
Oral Character: the muscular pattern reveals a fear of abandonment or isolation.
Psychopathic character: Here a muscular pattern of holding up against fear of failure is revealed.
Masochistic character: The muscular pattern derives from tension caused by blocking feelings of rights and needs.
Rigid character: This is exemplified by a muscular pattern of holding back against emotions.

The School of Biodynamic Psychology:

Dr. Gerda Boyesen pays special attention to the interplay between the mind and body processes. Her approach uses massage and bodily movement techniques and works on the premise that a neurotic person embodies his neurosis in physiological processes.


Bioenergetics is a Holistic therapy, which seeks to release defense structures that we have evolved to cope up with everyday stress and help us experience a sense of well being and pleasure.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 115.



It is effectual in the protection against Small pox, where it was used in the past.


It also is a useful remedy to combat the ill effects of vaccination. (The other remedies are Thuja, Silicea).

It is efficacious in clearing the remnants of cancerous deposits.