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Do you have a deep muscular ache?  Do you feel fatigued all the time?  Do you have sleep disorders? 

In addition to this, do you have constipation alternating with diarrhea?   Do you feel bloated?  Do you frequently get tension-type headaches?  Do you suffer more in cold weather?  If you are a woman, do you have menstrual problems, painful periods, swollen extremities or symptoms suggestive of PMS?   Are you depressed all the time and sensitive to loud noises and bright lights and feel stressed out?

If you have answered yes to the first three and yes many of the questions below, the chances are that you would have visited your allopathic physician and he/she would have investigated you and told you that you have a condition called as Fibromyalgia.

 What is Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by a combination of widespread pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fatigue, and multiple tender points on the body.

The American College of Rheumatology estimates that 3 to 6 million people are afflicted with this disease in the US.  Fibromyalgia is more common in women, especially between the ages of 30 and 50.  90% of cases of fibromyalgia occur in women in the US (NIH, The National Women’s Health Center)

 Allopathic Management of Fibromyalgia:

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but education, lifestyle changes, and proper medications can help the individual to regain control and achieve significant improvement.

Models of pain behavior that interrelate biologic, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral variables form the basis for cognitive-behavioral and operant-behavioral approaches to adult pain management. Fibromyalgia in children responds to a combination of psychotherapy, exercise, relaxation techniques, and education. Pharmacotherapy is generally not indicated in children.


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  • Diet : promote good nutrition, vitamin supplementation, bone health, weight loss
  • Stress management
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Sleep therapy
  • Psychologic/behavioral therapy



Always combine pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapy in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Aggressively treat co morbid depression.

Medications used in the management of fibromyalgia include the following:

  • Analgesics
  • Antianxiety agents
  • Skeletal muscle relaxants
  • Antidepressants
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Alpha 2 agonists

Other agents used in fibromyalgia may include the following:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Malic acid and magnesium combination
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Herbs and supplements.

Allopathic physicians all agree that patients with Fibromyalgia need a diet rich in  Coenzyme Q10, Acidophilus, Lecithin, Malic acid and magnesium, Manganese,  Proteolytic enzymes, Vitamin A and vitamin E, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Vitamin B complex, plus extra vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B12

They also agree that foods must be adequate in Calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc, DL-phenylalanine (DLPA), essential fatty acids (rich sources are black currant seed oil, flaxseed oil, and primrose oil), Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-Leucine plus L-isoleucine and L –valine, L- Tyrosine, Melatonin, naturally occurring multivitamin and mineral complex plus and natural carotenoids.

A Vegan diet can help:


According to Dr. Amy Lanou, Ph.D, the nutrition director of Physicians committed for Responsible Medicine, which is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC, Quote; “Switching to a vegan diet pulls away some of the most common suspected disease triggers, including dairy products, MSG, shrimp, food colorings and sulfites.”– Unquote.

Researchers have discovered that female fibromyalgia patients who consumed a vegan diet experienced a significant reduction in muscular pain, reduction in depression and improved sleep quality.

 The vegan diet, which primarily consists of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, also helped weight loss and better control of blood cholesterol.

Only a vegan diet can provide all these nutrients in an adequate quantity


Other therapies:

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 v  Regular exercise to increase muscle strength and endurance.

v  Massage therapy.   Search out the trigger point areas using a massage tool.

v  Moist heat is helpful for relaxing muscles. Warm showers worked well for me.

v  Acupuncture and hypnosis.

v  Gentle yoga session to relax and lengthen tight muscles.

v  Cognitive-behavioral therapy and pain management therapy

v  Meditation, prayer and biofeedback therapy.


Herbs and natural supplements do not help much:


Some vitamins and minerals are considered as alternative therapy for Fibromyalgia and they include B-complex vitamins, omega –3 and 6 fatty acids. Sam-E, St. John’s wort and Kava are few herbs that sometimes offer marginal relief.


Mangosteen is a fruit that grows only in areas of Southeast and Central Asia and was used traditionally by native peoples in these areas to treat a number of conditions including pain. Studies and chemical evaluation has shown that the mangosteen contain analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents and Cox-2 inhibitors, all of which are pain relievers. 




There are many remedies in Homeopathy for Fibromyalgia and it is better for the patients to go to an experienced Homeopath and take a constitutional remedy. Some remedies that work marvelously are listed below.

 Ø  Arnica is generally prescribed for pain, tenderness, and stiffness. Arnica cream or gel can also be used topically.

Ø  Bryonia helps ease pain that increases with movement and is better when resting. It also helps with the constipation. 

Ø  Hypericum is useful for the unbearable prickly pain that radiates along nerve pathways, is worse with movement, and worse when touched. This remedy is especially effective for pain in the extremities.

Ø  Rhus toxicodendron is for the individual who feels better after moving around.


 The orthodox system treats Fibromyalgia victims with painkillers, muscle relaxants and physiotherapy and it is sad to see that dietary changes are seldom advocated. Fibromyalgia is a disease that responds adequately to diet, yoga and lifestyle modification.

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Some useful Homepathic remedies – Part 8




It is a useful remedy in seasickness.

It is great remedy to combat vomiting with nausea, retching, lassitude, increased secretion of sweat, saliva, mucous and tears preceding it.


 It can be used whenever there is constant retching in pregnancy.

 It is useful in seasickness.

 It is useful in Pneumonia with vomiting.


 It is useful in alcohol induced nausea and constipation and insomnia.

 This remedy is useful whenever there is a hot feeling all over the body, especially the head.

It can be used in low potencies and can be repeated frequently till the nausea subsides.  A note of caution:  If the nausea does not subside, then you must consult your doctor. This website not I will not be held responsible for any adverse side effects that may accrue.

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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 7


 images    images3

This remedy is made from a chemical salt of Antimony and Potassium.

This remedy is useful in the treatment of Respiratory diseases where there is a rattling of mucous with little expectoration.

It is useful in cases, which have great sleepiness with nearly all complaints.

 It is useful in dysuria (difficulty in passing urine), strangury and hematuria.

 It is useful in burning of the rectum with mucous stools.


 This remedy is useful in violent pain in the lumbo-sacral region.


 This remedy suits persons who are worse at night, damp cold weather, with sour things and milk.


 It suits persons who have a great desire for apples, fruits and acids.

 It is useful, when patients have vertigo alternating with drowsiness.


 It suits patients, who have ailments, which come on after the bad effects of vaccination.


 It is useful in expelling foreign bodies from the trachea and the larynx. A word of caution here. It is much better to consult a specialist in these cases.

 It is useful when Jaundice is associated with Pneumonia.

 It is useful in Rheumatic pains.


 It is useful in chicken pox and it helps the resolution of the pustular eruptions.


 ANTIM TART has several times proved curative, in the hands of Drs. Wurmb and Caspar of acute edema of the lungs.  I have myself much confidence in its power of removing this condition when occurring in the course of general dropsy.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 I found that ANTIM TART, 30x was almost a specific for babies who had diarrhea and also vomited.

Meredith Starr.

ANTIM TART is unquestionably the great remedy for broncho-pneumonia.

Dr. Nichol.

ANTIM TART is suitable in cases characterized by the persistency of hepatization with difficult expectoration.

Dr. Jousset.


ANTIM TART, 30-200 is a near specific remedy for Impetigo.

Dr. Foubister. M.B. D.C.H, etc

This remedy may be tried in persons with a rattling cough where mucous is not easily expelled. It would be better to do a complete blood count and see that there is no severe lung infection before giving this remedy. It also helps in curing non specific mild rheumatic pain. It also helps in clearing up the pustular phase in Chicken pox in children. It is best given in low potencies.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 6


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It is derived from a chemical compound of Antimony and Sulfur.

It is a useful remedy in person who is irritable and fretful, who are contradictory and never satisfied, sulking, peevish and vexed without a cause.

 This remedy is useful whenever a person is prone to grow fat.

 This remedy suits persons who cannot bear the heat of the sun.

 It is useful in persons with Gout associated with gastric symptoms.

It is useful whenever the patient gets a headache with a disordered stomach.

 It is useful whenever there is heaviness in the forehead with vertigo.

 It is useful whenever there are cracks in the corner of the mouth.


 It is useful in patients WHO CRAVE FOR PICKLES.

 It is useful in gastric derangements whenever the eructation taste of the ingested food.

 It is useful in heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

 It is useful in diarrhea with constipation with anal itching.

 It is useful whenever there are slimy flatulent stools. It is also useful whenever there is diarrhea after acid foods, sour wines and after a bout of overeating.

 This remedy is useful in males, who have eruptions in the scrotum with impotence, atrophy of the penis and testicles.

It is useful in horny warts on the hands and the soles.

 It is useful in eczemas that are aggravated with gastric derangements.

It is useful in pimples, urticarias, scaly pustule eruptions with burning and itching that is worse at night.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse in the evenings, from heat, acids, wine, water and washing.

 This remedy also suits persons who are better in open air, during rest and moist warmth.


 ANTIM CRUD 30-200 is almost a specific remedy for Impetigo.

 Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H. etc.


ANTIM CRUD is useful in corns, which are general, recent or painful.

 Dr. Pettitt.

Arthritis deformans responds to ANTIM CRUDUM – a near specific.

 Dr. Schwartz.

This remedy is useful in depressed patients, who contemplate suicide.  It is also useful in persons who long for pickles and sour foods.  It is also useful in headaches, which come on after alcoholic drinks and eating food rich in fats.  It is extremely useful in treating and curing corns.  It is very useful in patients who have a disordered stomach with a thick milky white-coated tongue.


Eating Bentonite Clay can be healing.



 Indigenous people have always known that bentonite clay had medicinally properties and could reverse several health problems.  Bentonite clay is an effective internal cleanser. According the Ran Knishinsky, people in over 200 cultures worldwide, eat or drink clay in a medicinal form as a nutritional substance and detoxifying agent.

Bentonite clay is an active mineral that comes from weathered volcanic ash. Mineralogists also use the term Smectite or Montmorillonite to describe this clay.

A detoxifier par excellence: 


 Liquid clay is inert and passes through the intestine without being digested. It contains minerals that are capable of absorbing toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.

The clay acts like a sticky paper to why flies adhere. It adsorbs toxins like heavy metals, free radicals and pesticides and removes them via the gut. It is also believed that the bentonite clay’s minerals are negatively charged and they attract positively charged toxins. When bentonite clay absorbs water and stretches, it acts like a huge porous sponge and traps the toxins, viruses, molds, pesticides and free radicals and eliminates them from the body.

 Medical benefits of bentonite clay:


 Ø  This clay also could eliminate painful ganglion cysts without surgery.

Ø  Constipation or chronic diarrhea,

Ø  Indigestion and peptic ulcer disease

Ø  Improved memory and mental alertness

Ø  Improved physical fitness

Ø  Improved complexion

Ø  Gum repair

Ø  Improved resistance to infections

Ø  Removes intestinal parasites.

Ø  Clears chronic allergies

Ø  Improves anemia

How is it manufactured?

Bentonite is usually quarry mined from deposits.  Then it is brought out into the sun to remove excess water and moisture and, to make it easier to work with. After the initial drying it is micronized by special machines.  Upon completion of this final process it gets inspected by a quality control team and is sent off for consumer use.


How to take bentonite clay?



The best way to drink bentonite clay is to take it on an empty stomach at least one hour before or after a meal or immediately before sleeping at night.  The typical clay is a thick, tasteless, pale gray gel. It also comes as a powder and an encapsulated form.  It is advisable to start with one tablespoonful mixed with a small amount of juice and observe the effects of detoxification on the body and then gradually increase the dose to four tablespoons in divided doses.




In addition to the multifarious benefits mentioned, it is believed that bentonite clay contains many trace and ultra-trace minerals including; ruthenium, tellurium and thulium.  These trace elements enable the body to absorb nutrients better.


Drinking bentonite clay can be an annual spring-cleaning event for the gastrointestinal tract or it can be used periodically as a symptom focused self-care method.  Utilizing the curative power of the Earth in practices such as Pelotherapy  should be truly be considered a lifestyle modification; it should be adopted as an integral part of healthy living. There is no substitute for the benefits that bentonite clay can provide both in and on the body.



References and links:

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 5


 imagesCrops of Boilsimages2Erysipelas

It is a Nosode (from the spleen of the sheep infected with the Anthrax bacillus) and is useful in septic inflammations, carbuncles and malignant ulcers.

 This remedy is curative in boils, especially whenever there is a succession of boils.

 It is useful whenever there is terrible burning, induration of cellular tissues, abscesses and buboes.

 It is useful whenever the glands are swollen and the cellular tissues are edematous and indurated.

 It is useful whenever there is ulceration and sloughing of tissues.

 It is useful in Erysipelas.

 It is useful in dissecting wounds, insect stings and whenever there is a tendency for gangrene.


 There still are cases of cellulites that will not yield to modern antibiotics.  If decomposing and cyanotic tissue is in the make up of the wound and the complaint is severe burning pain locally, the situation deserves ANTHRACINUM.

 Dr. Blackwood, M.D.

 ANTHRACINUM when the burning pain is violent and not relieved by ARSENIC; cerebral symptoms, gangrenous destruction; I have given ANTHRACINUM in several cases where there were symptoms of the same destructive character with the same beneficial effect.

Dr. Raue, M.D.

ANTHRACINUM & TARENTULA clear up boils in a few days brilliantly and miraculously.

 Dr. Dorothy Shephard.

WE are in a era of where resistant bacteria e are a nuisance to the medical world. MRSA organisms are showing antibiotic resistance all over the world.  In such a scenario, this is a safe Homeopathic medicine that may be taken when there is a repeated crops of painful boils and the skin sloughs off and heals. It can be taken in a low potency and can be repeated frequently for a few weeks.

Alternative therapies for Constipation.


Constipation and procrastination are similar. In both conditions you do not give a crap              

–James Johnson.


Constipation refers to a condition where bowel movements are infrequent or difficult to pass.   Constipation is a common cause of painful defecation. Severe constipation is referred to as Obstipation where there is fecal impaction and failure to pass stool and even gas. Constipation can lead to bowel obstruction and this can be very life threatening.

Constipation is one of the most common health complaints in the United States, and it affects men, women, and children. It is a bit more common in women than in men,

It is estimated that about 100 million people in the United States suffer from constipation and that these people spend $700 million yearly on constipation-relief products.

Nutritional Therapy for Constipation:

The mantra to avoid constipation is to avoid anything that is TINNED, CANNED OR PROCESSED.

A high fiber diet is useful to encourage regular bowel movements. , Water must be taken in adequate quantity so that the stool has a good constancy and is easy to pass. Vitamins and a supplementation of Vitamin C help prevention of constipation. Probiotics, such as lactobacillus acidophilus, are live microbial organisms that are naturally present in the digestive tract. Some of the ways they are thought to promote health include suppressing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, improving immune function, enhancing the protective barrier of the digestive tract, and helping to produce vitamin K.  There is some preliminary evidence that probiotic supplements may improve constipation

 Some useful fruits to relieve constipation are:


  • Apricots
  • Figs
  • Papaya
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pineapple
  • Prunes
  • Bananas.

Some useful vegetables to relieve constipation are:


  • Beans of all kinds
  • Green such as kale and spinach
  • Vegetables such as, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans, peas

Whole Grains and a high fiber diet that help relieve constipation:


  • High fiber breakfast cereals
  • Whole grain breads
  • Brown rice
  • Barley
  • Millet
  • Flax seeds are also very useful.

Ayurveda and constipation:


According to Ayurveda, undigested food and occult stool slowly accumulate in the stomach and large intestines respectively and impair Vata Dosha, resulting in obstruction of the digestive tract. When the digestive tract is not clear, the body will not be able to facilitate proper bowel movement, thereby leading to constipation.

Castor oil is not only useful for bowel evacuation but also has therapeutic and curative values… 20-30 ml of this oil is to be taken with warm milk.

Triphala powder is very popularly used by the ayurvedic physicians for the treatment of chronic constipation. It contains three drugs namely—Hareetaki (harad), Vibheetaki (Beleric myrobalan), and Aamalaki (amla).  Triphala powder is to be taken at bedtime and its purgative effect is manifested early morning

Agastya rasaayana. Is another Ayurvedic medication of importance. Two teaspoonfuls of this drug should be taken regularly, twice a day, along with any hot drink of choice.

Other drugs include Pancha sakaara choorna, Abhayaadi modaka, Madhu yashtyaadi choorna etc. These should be taken under medical supervision only.

Ayurvedic detoxification procedures like Vasthi karma (enema therapy) Virechana karma (purgation therapy), Udvartana massage therapy to strengthen the abdominal organs are recommended.

Herbal Medicine for Constipation:

images11  index6

Many herbs can effectively relieve the occasional bout with constipation. In fact, several laxatives used in conventional medicine contain ingredients derived from herbs, such as cascara and senna.

Other, milder laxative herbs include dandelion root and burdock root and leaves. Yellow dock can also be used to soften stools..

Psyllium seed husks can be used to make a homemade bulking agent   Psyllium adds form and softness to the stool. It is important to drink enough water with these products.

Although herbalists consider herbs to have fewer side effects than drugs, the plants still should only be used infrequently. If the bowels are repeatedly blocked, the cause should be investigated medically and corrected.

Other useful herbs are  aloe, dong quay and licorice

Chiropractic Medicine for Constipation:


 Some cases of constipation can be relieved by realigning the spine.

Homeopathy for Constipation:


Many people use Nux vomica for constipation and is a well known remedy for many lay persons. But there are many good remedies in Homeopathy to treat constipation. An expert Homeopath can take a good history and unravel the individual’s constitutional remedy and miracles can happen. Some of the useful homeopathic remedies are listed below.

Argentum nitricum treats constipation caused from the overuse of laxatives;

This remedy is very useful for dyspepsia and heartburn as well. 

 Baryta carbonica treats constipation in the elderly, where the stools difficult to expel.

 Bryonia treats constipation with indigestion. Here the stools are hard and stony.

 Berberis vulgaris stimulates liver and kidney function. It is indicated in constipation following jaundice.  

 Lycopodium treats chronic constipation in infants, constipation in children with a

Large appetite; an urge to stool without result in adults. It treats bloating after a meal;

Painful flatulence, person feels worse between 4 and 8 p.m. 

 Collinsonia is useful in constipation where there is abdominal pain, dry, hard stools which are difficult to expel and the person doubles up in pain and it is indicated in constipation in pregnant women.

Graphites This remedy is useful in chronic constipation associate with colic pains with  large stools that are difficult to expel.  Such persons may have a distended abdomen, anal fissure, and anal pain after stool, piles, and person may be overweight. 

 Nux vomica is recommended for spasmodic constipation, bloating, gas, stomach cramps, drug addiction, person is sensitive, anxious, and nervous. This remedy is very useful in digestive disturbances of stressed out executives.

 Chelidonium is indicated for pale discolored yellow stools with dyspepsia.

 Hepar sulfur is indicated for bowel obstruction; intestinal atony. 

 Detoxification, Fasting, and Colon Therapy for Constipation:


Certain forms of enemas and colonic irrigation can be effective for constipation.

Yoga for Constipation:


Several breathing exercises and poses can clear the body’s energy flow, encouraging movement of the bowels. Some useful asanas are Baddha Konasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana , Pavanamuktasana, Halasana, Uttanasana, Malasana, and Savasana. 

A note of caution; Yoga must be learn t from a teacher and should not be done without proper training.


Biofeedback Training for Constipation:


Biofeedback training can give the person with constipation greater control over the digestive system. With the help of monitors that “feedback” certain biological levels, the therapy instructs people to alter involuntary functions of the body. These therapies are rarely used but do have their place in the management of constipation.


Constipation is indeed a serious problem.  Constipation affects your quality of life, causes stress, and diminishes your overall sense of well-being.  Constipation is one of the symptoms of disbacteriosis — a condition where the normal, intestinal flora is dead and missing.  Constipation affects genitourinary health, particularly for women, because the large intestine and the female reproductive organs reside in close proximity.  Constipation predisposes you to all major colorectal disorders starting with enlarged hemorrhoids and ending up with colorectal cancer.

A note of warning: All elderly persons with constipation should visit the surgeon to rule out the colo-rectal cancer. There is an “Old Surgical Dictum for doctors”- If you do not put your finger into the rectum in time, you may have to put your foot into it.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 4



It is a useful remedy in dryness of the mucous membranes and skin.

 It is useful in old persons who lack vital heat and who have debility.

 It is extremely useful in constipation, where the stools are hard and dry. The patient has no desire to pass stools and even soft stools are difficult to pass.

 This remedy is useful in chronic rhinitis with ozaena.

images4Craving for chalk

 This remedy is useful in removing the craving for chalk, charcoal and dry food.

 The remedy suits persons who have an aversion to meat and in whom potatoes disagree.


index2    index5

 For the sore throat of Clergymen and other public speakers, who are thin in flesh, there is no remedy equal to ALUMINA.

 Dr. Durham, M.D.

Dr. Durham recommends ALUMINA for violent cough excited by an elongated uvula.

Dr. Hughes, M.D.


I find this remedy very useful in constipation with hard stools with a lot  soreness of the anus. It is a useful remedy for constipation in children and old patients.  It is also useful for sore throat of public speakers.  It is a useful remedy in subjects, who find that they cannot digest potatoes and meat.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 3


 images  Uncontrolled Laughterimages2Chorea



This remedy is derived from a fungus called as Amanita Muscarius.  It is a fungus that grows on bugs and flies.

 It is one of the greatest remedies for the central nervous system.

 It is useful when subjects talk too much with too much laughing.

 All mental reactions are exalted. The subject seems to be very happy and easily makes rhymes.

 The perception of size is lost and the patient sees everything as a large object.

 There is furious delirium, screaming, ranting and raving.


 Once the nervous energy is spent, there is complete indifference and mental depression with fatigue and the patient has no inclination to do anything.

 This remedy is useful in trembling, jerking, chorea and whenever there is twitching of the eye.

 This remedy is also useful for combating Frost-bites, which are aggravated with heat.

This remedy is good to prevent a Nervous breakdown.


It is useful for Hyper-kinetic children.


 It us useful in vertigo where the patient feels that he are falling backwards.

It is useful in paralysis of the lower limbs, with an uncertain gait and painful contraction of the calves.

It is useful whenever there is a sensation as if pierced by needles of ice.

 It is useful in Neuralgia of Locomotor Ataxia.


 It is useful in persons with sleep disturbance with starting and twitching and waking up often in sleep with shouting in sleep.

This remedy suits persons who are worse in open cold air, after eating, after coitus and in cold weather before a thunderstorm, it also suits persons who feel better while moving slowly.

 It is a useful remedy to combat headache and Delirium tremens in alcoholics.


 Paralytic weakness in the lower limbs after becoming pregnant may lead to AGARICUS.

Homeopathic Recorder, Aug 1932.

In heart diseases, when pain is prominent and the patient won’t answer questions, think of AGARICUS.

Homeopathic Bulletin.


 By a very ingenious selection of AGARICUS by Dr. Korndoerfoer in the case of a two year old child who had evident Meningitis and who was not relieved by APIS, SULFUR etc., the rolling of the head ceased, alarming forewarning of imbecility happily vanished and the patient fully recovered. I have used this drug in typhoid in which the child rolled her head and bit her nightgown. Some improvement followed.

Dr. E. A. Farrington, M.D.


Tremendous advances have been made in Neurology and our understanding of the Neurotransmitters in the brain, in recent years. As a result, there has been the introduction of numerous medications in Allopathic medicine in the field of Epilepsy and Mental depression.  With better investigative modalities available also, the role of AGARICUS MUSCARIUS in treating neurological or psychiatric disorders will be viewed with a lot of skepticism in the Allopathic world. 

However, this remedy should find a place in children whose milestones are delayed and are slow in learning to talk and walk.  It may also be tried in children with a borderline Mental retardation.  It could also be tried as an adjunct in hysterical complaints.  It can be tried along with the constitutional Homeopathic remedy to see if it reduces the incidence of epilepsy, chorea and other involuntary movements seen in patients with various forms of Epilepsy.  This would require a careful monitoring of the Allopathic specialists.

As ever, a word of caution. This remedy should be used by an experienced Homeopath and one should be careful in using this if one is a layman.