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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 61.



This remedy is derived from the plant called as the Wild Yam and it was Dr. S.M. Cushing who proved it.


It is a useful remedy in painful colic. The patient feels better from BENDING BACKWARDS TO OBTAIN RELIEF.


It is a grand remedy for gallstones along with other remedies like Berberis Vulgaris, China and Belladonna.

It is useful for pain in the liver area, shooting upwards to the right nipple and for pain in the waist radiating to the stomach, intestines, back, chest and arms.

It is useful in angina when the pain is behind the breastbone.

It is also useful for colic pain in the kidney region radiating to the testicles.


It is useful when there are piles protruding from the anus like a bunch of grapes with pains in the liver.

It is useful when the patient constantly has belching of gas with pain in the sternum radiating down the arms.

Some authorities on Homeopathy consider this remedy as the best to cure whitlows.


This remedy is suited to persons who are worse in the evening and the night, while lying down and doubling up. It is useful when the patient is better when standing erect, motion, in open air and pressure. It also suits subjects, who are worse after meals, with relief from belching; with a constant distress in the navel and the hypogastric region.


DIOSCOREA VILLOSA Q when given in hot water, in cases of Appendicitis will cause the intense pain to fade away and give ease to the patient.
Dr. Anchtz.

Its field clinically seems to be the chronic gallbladder with paroxysms of severe pain. I have used this many times with success though the well-known modality of being better from bending backward is not present. The pains shift suddenly to different parts and in remote localities; gripping and cutting with radiating pain.

Dr. Garth W. Boericke, M.D.

DIOSCOREA is excellent for what we may term atonic seminal emissions. The organs are so relaxed that 2 or 3 dreams with emissions of semen occur in a single night. The day following emissions, the patient feels weak particularly about the knees. In these cases, I know of no remedy like DIOSCOREA. I usually give it in the 12th Potency and afterwards in the 30th.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

In my gallbladder cases, as a routine, I see combinations of CHELLIDONIUM, CHIONANTHUS & HYDRASTIS, and equal parts and in many cases, the patient is relieved. However, for an acute attack, DIOSCOREA is helpful and at times, curative.

Dr. Garth W. Boericke, M.D.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 60.




This remedy is derived from the Foxglove plant. It was used as a specific heart remedy even before Dr. Hahnemann’s time.


This remedy is useful in all heart ailments with a slow and intermittent pulse and an enlarged tender liver (probably due to right sided heart failure – CCF), with a sensation as if the heart would stop if he moved.

This remedy is also useful when the patient has a constant fear of death with an impending sense of suffocation in the night. The mind of the patient is typically fearful, anxious and the patient is extremely depressed.

The patient feels that if he moves the heart will stop.

It is useful to prevent palpitation in patients with the least movement.


It is useful in Congestive heart failure and in chronic bronchitis.

This remedy is useful for cyanosis of the tongue, ears, lips and nails due to an irregular circulation as found in Cyanotic heart disease.
It is a great remedy for the liver, especially when the liver is painful and enlarged with lots of nausea and the stools are pale.

This remedy is useful in acute gonorrhea with phimosis. It is also useful in involuntary seminal emissions in the night even without dreams.


This remedy is useful for reducing the size of the prostate in benign prostatomegally.

The remedy is useful in patients who start in the sleep in alarm and feels that he is falling from a height. The patient experiences continuous sleepiness.

It is a useful remedy in Vertigo with a slow pulse.

This remedy suits people who are worse while sitting up, after meals and after music.

This remedy suits people who are better when the stomach is empty and in open air.


I have found DIGITALIS very efficacious in several very severe cases of vertigo. It is especially indicated when with the vertigo, the pulse is slow.
Dr. Gray.

For those who wish to add to their armamentarium, we suggest a study of DIGITALIS in potency, which wonders in heart block and bradycardia.
Dr. H.W. Eisfelder, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Boehr claims that DIGITALIS is the most reliable remedy to subdue the hectic fever of Phthisis.
Dr. Dewey, M.D.
Dr. Bahr has the highest opinion of the value of DIGITALIS in spermatorrhoea. I have often confirmed this opinion.
Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 59



This remedy is derived from the plant, Sowbread.


This remedy is useful when patients grieve over neglected duty with a deep-seated guilty conscience. The patient is depressed and grieves for hours and wishes to be alone.


This remedy is useful when the patient has a morning headache with flickering before the eyes. This remedy is also useful in diplopia with a convergent squint. This remedy is useful when the subjects have dimness of vision with flickering, glittering of objects and a sensation of countless stars in the eyes. The visual symptoms may be associated with a headache, which is usually one-sided.

It is a useful remedy for vertigo when things seem to turn around in a circle.

It is also useful when the patient has frequent sneezing with itching in the ears.

It is useful when the vision is dim, worse on waking and there are spots before the eyes and there is flickering in various colors.

This remedy has a peculiar feature, the patient has diarrhea whenever he takes coffee.

It is also useful in subjects who have an aversion for bread, butter, greasy foods, meat, pork and beer.


It is useful to curb hiccups with distaste for meat. It is also useful in hiccough during pregnancy.

It is useful whenever there is pain in the anus and the perineum.

It is useful whenever the menses are profuse, clotted and black in color. The menses are associated with migraine.

This remedy is also useful whenever there is a swelling of the breast after menses with a milky secretion.


It is useful for acne in young women.

It suits women who are better during menstruation and weeping, rubbing parts with cold water and in subjects who are better on walking about with the pain in the heels.

It also suits subjects who are worse from exertion, coffee, pork, meat, and butter and from being over-heated.


If a patient displays a mental state of peevishness and irritability, try CYCLAMEN. It will work wonders.
Hom. Recorder, August’31.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 58.


This remedy is derived from Copper.


It is a useful remedy in spasmodic affection, cramps, convulsions beginning in fingers and toes with violent contractures and intermittent pain.

It is useful for tonic and clonic spasms.

This remedy is useful in nausea and vomiting relieved by drinking cold water with colicky diarrhea and spasms. The stools are black, painful and bloody, associated with tenesmus and weakness.


It is useful in angina pectoris where the pulse is slow and there is spasm in the chest.


It is useful in jerking, twitching of muscles and cramps in the palms, calves and the soles.

This remedy is best suited when the patient is worse before the menstrual period

The patient is better during perspiration and in cold weather.


In pure nervous asthma, there is no medicine on which we may rely more confidently to relieve the paroxysms than CUPRUM.
Dr. Russel.

One dose of 200 potency of CUPRUM helps in normal delivery.
Dr. Krichbaum.

In calf cramps, I have never known CUPRUM to fail.
Dr. Jousset.

CUPRUM will stop the frequency of the attacks of epilepsy more satisfactorily than any other remedy; it is my sheet anchor in old and obstinate cases.
Dr. Hallbert.

By giving CUPRUM as soon as the spasmodic stage sets in whooping cough, I have succeeded so well that scarcely had I been obliged to resort to any other treatment.
Dr. Bahr.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 57.



This remedy is derived from the Croton oil seed that is found growing wildly in India and Sri Lanka.


It is a valuable remedy in diarrhea in summer, for summer complaints and skin affections.

The remedy is useful when the stools are copious, watery with much urging. The stools are always forcibly shot out with a gurgling sound in the intestines and there is always constant urging of stools with sudden evacuation.


It is useful when there is intense itching of the skin but the skin becomes painful when scratched. It is useful in Shingles with smarting pain. It is useful in vesicular eczema, where the pustules itch intensely and the patient feels better with gentle rubbing.

It is useful when the night urine is foaming, dark orange in color, turbid on standing, with greasy particles floating on the top. The day urine is pale with white sediment.

This remedy is useful in cough with alternating skin symptoms and in cases of total loss of voice after drinking cold water, while being over heated.

This remedy is best suited when the patient is worse from least food or drink, during summer, night, morning and during washing.


CROTON TIGLIUM is the most reliable remedy in Ascites with Cirrhosis of the liver.
Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

CROTON TIGLIUM has a complete loss of voice from drinking cold water when over heated.
Dr. H. M. Edwards.

CROTON TIG. Is especially valuable in eczema, in which disease, we have in numerous instances proved it to be a most reliable remedy.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D., Dr. Nixon, M.D.