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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 78.



It is a useful remedy for the stiffness and/or the contraction, which results in the immobility of the joints.


This remedy is useful in rheumatic pains in the head, nape of the neck and shoulders.

It is useful in ankle pains while moving the legs.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 77.




It acts on the Central Nervous System.

It is an antidote to the bites of the scorpion and snakes.

It is a useful remedy when the tongue becomes heavy; the throat is constricted and difficult to swallow.

The rheumatic pains are virtually all over the entire body from the deltoids down to the shoulders to the elbows and the fingers.


It is a useful remedy for the paralysis of the lower extremities.

This remedy is useful when the joints of the patient feel that they lack oil.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 76.


This remedy is derived from amorphous carbon.


It is suitable to stout fair complexioned persons with a tendency for skin affections and constipation.

It suits who are impudent, who are teasing and laugh when they are reprimanded.

It also suits ladies who may be fat, and chilly with a history of delayed menstruation.


It is a useful remedy to eradicate Erysipelas.

It is a useful remedy when the patient has a great tendency to start and music makes them weep. It suits apprehensive, despondent and indecisive persons.

It is useful whenever there is a headache in the early morning with a burning of the vertex with a humid itching eruption on the scalp, which emits a fetid odor.


It is useful when the eyes have eczema of the lids with fissures and the eyelids are red and swollen.

It is useful to eradicate the scabs and fissures behind the ear.

It is useful to eradicate the eczema of the nose with itching and pimples in the nose.

It is useful when the patient has a rotten odor from the mouth with sour eructation.

This remedy suits persons who have an aversion to meat, sweets, and have nausea, flatulence and recurrent gastritis; the stomach pain is only relieved by eating, hot drinks, and milk and by lying down.

It is a useful remedy when there is fullness of the abdomen with chronic diarrhea, where the stools are brownish liquid, undigested and offensive. This remedy is also useful in persons who have flatulence with a very fetid gas preceded by colic.

The remedy suits persons who have constipation with large stools united by mucous threads. It is useful in hemorrhoids, which are smarting with soreness in the anus. It is useful in Fissures in the anus.

It suits persons whose menstrual cycles are too late with constipation. It is also suitable for leucorrhoea, which is pale, thin, profuse, white and excoriating with weakness in the back.

This remedy is also useful for cracked nipples and swollen breasts.

This remedy suits persons who have sexual debility with increased desire, with or without aversion to coitus. The person may also have premature or delayed ejaculation. This is a very useful remedy for Herpes Genitalis.


It is useful for chronic hoarseness of the voice with skin affections. The hoarseness is typical and is marked when the person begins to sing and there is a breaking of the voice.

This remedy is also useful when the nails are brittle and crumbling, deformed and painful. It is also useful for the offensive perspiration of the foot.

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This remedy is useful for eczema of the skin, early keloids and fibromas.

It is useful whenever there are eruptions in the skin with oozing out of a sticky exudation. This remedy suits unhealthy skin where every little injury leads to suppuration.

This remedy is suitable to patients who are worse in cold drafts, bathing, physical exertion, hot drinks, light scratching, at night, during and after menstruation.

This remedy also suits persons who are better in the dark, open air, after eating, hot milk and after wrapping up.


GRAPHITES is indicated after operations for the formation of smooth scars.
Dr. W Karo, M.D.

GRAPHITES 30x AND APIS are splendid remedies in ERYSIPELAS, which may follow a surgical operation and are also useful in those phlegmonous inflammations and infections, which occur with more or less frequency.
Dr. Northrope, M.D.

GRAPHITES is almost a specific remedy for Women’s diseases, due to diminished hormonal activity.
Dr. V Karo, M.D.

GRAPHITES has a great value in gastric and duodenal ulcer. As a matter of fact, it is here that we have most often employed the remedy and we have published case after case in back numbers of ‘Homeopathy’ illustrating its successful use. Its indications here are very definite; and no other drug so fares, as we know, has just that little complex of symptoms:
Stomach pains relieved by food or drink, hot food or drink, or lying down.
Dr. Tyler, M.D.

GRAPHITES is excellent for singers who cannot control their vocal cords and who develop hoarseness and cracked voice as soon as they begin to sing.
Dr. Farrington, M.D.

Chronic ciliary blepharitis: GRAPHITES is the most frequently indicated remedy for ciliary blepharitis and a more rapid cure can usually be effected by its local application at the same time of its internal administration.
Dr. Norton, M.D.

Alternation of skin manifestations and Asthma: GRAPHITES.

Dr. Roger Schmidt, M.D.

GRAPHITES is a remedy for practically every complication of Diabetes. It has very often come to my rescue when I was at my wits to cope with the complications of diabetes.

Dr. Ghosh, M.B.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 75.




It is useful in persistent vertigo with nausea.

It is useful when there is constant hunger with poor digestion

It is useful when the palms itch with a feeling that pimples would break out.

It is useful for tearing pains in the shoulder, finger joints and knee joint.


It is a key remedy for Tapeworm infestation.