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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 121.


 This remedy is derived from Mercuric chloride.


This remedy is useful in cases of severe cases of stomatitis with large aphthous patches all over the mouth.

 It is also useful in gonorrhea with tenesmus, while passing urine.


It is useful in conjunctivitis with acrid lacrymation, iritis (corneal inflammation), edema of the lids, redness of the eyes, with severe bleeding and the soreness of the eyes.

It is useful in bleeding and soreness of the eyes.

It is also useful in excessive coryza (cold) with ozena (loss of sensation of smell).


It is a useful remedy when the throat is swollen painful and intensely inflamed, when the swallowing is painful, and there is burning pain with great swelling.


It is useful in dysentery, not relieved by stool, or when the stool is red hot, bloody, slimy offensive with cutting pains in the rectum.  This remedy is useful in subjects who constantly have the sensation of passing stools, which is not relieved by stool.


It is useful when there is intense burning in the urethra, with burning, scanty urine, and tenesmus of the bladder, stabbing pain from the urethra to the bladder.

This remedy is useful when the penis is enormously swollen with gonorrhea, and the urethral orifice is red and swollen.

This remedy is useful in ailments with tibial pains, which are worse at night and better after lying on the right side.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse in the evening, nights and from acids.

It also suits persons who are better from rest.


I have myself the highest esteem for MERC. CORROSIVUS in peritonitis.  I have used it here more frequently than BRYONIA and with most gratifying results.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 Think of MERC. CORROSIVUS in toxic conditions of pregnancy and PHOSPHORUS is useful in albuminuria in pregnancy.

Dr. T.K. Moore, M.D.

 All the recent cases of dysentery that I recollect have yielded quickly, i.e. within 2 days, to MERC. COR 2x triturition, if without much pain: if with pain in the abdomen, MERC CORROSIVUS, alternated with COLOCYNTHIS, and I do not know of any failures.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

 MERC COR. Our great remedy:  An exact SIMILIMUM to all essential features of an ordinary attack of dysentery.  May safely be regarded as a specific remedy for the whole process.

Dr. Boher.

 MERC. CORROSIVUS has a decided curative action when given in small doses for Pyelitis.

Dr. Hale, M.D.

 In the most violent forms of Acute Conjunctivitis, with extreme dread of light, or in chemosis, the 1x or 2x of MERC. CORROSIVUS will often cut short the attack.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

 For elongated uvula causing trouble, apply a little of low triturition of MERCURIOUS CORROSIVUS on uvula, and it will relieve immediately and permanently.

Dr. R. B. Das.

Lifestyle modifications and its impact on Health.



Lifestyle includes the behavior and activities that make up our daily

Life.  This includes: the work we do, our leisure activities, the food we eat, our interaction with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and strangers.

Life style changes can prevent heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis and increase the well being of a person and increases longevity.


How does the environment affect our health?

The work we do affects our health.  Apart from exposure to environmental

Hazards such as UV radiation and toxic chemicals like smoke, asbestos or

Pesticides, certain types of work involve prolonged repetitive actions and/or reduced

Levels of activity that may lead to muscular or skeletal problems, strained

Vision and other health problems…


Mental stress is also a big killer. It can lead to depression, sleeplessness, and Blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems.


Food and health:

The foods we eat affect our health. Many studies show that good nutrition lowers the risk for many diseases. Our food habits can bring down many killer lifestyle diseases.


Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Eat at least 5-9 servings of fruits and Vegetables every day.
  • Choose whole grain bread and cereal.
  • Choose low-fat milk and cheeses.
  • Try to avoid non-vegetarian foods as much as possible Avoid red meat.
  • Eat more beans and grains
  • Use less salt, sugar, alcohol, and saturated fat.
  • Drink lots of water between meals. Avoid carbonated drinks.


Tips for becoming more active:

 Walk as much as possible

Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

Learn some fine-arts or develop healthy hobbies


Other Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy:

  • Quit smoking
  • Handle stress!
  • If you drink alcohol in moderation.



One of the long-term benefits of living a healthier lifestyle is the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  However, the benefit is the prevention of arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes and other immune-mediated illnesses that are affected by the dietary and lifestyle choices we make every day.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 120


 It is an Anti-syphilitic Homeopathic remedy derived from the black oxide of Mercury.


It helps ameliorate pains in the joints.  It is a useful remedy, when all the symptoms are worse at night, in the cold, damp and rainy weather. It suits persons, who are sensitive to both cold and heat.


It is a useful remedy in Keratitis (corneal inflammation) of the eye with burning pain.


It is also useful in ear discharges which are thick, fetid and bloody and when there is otalgia and boils in the external auditory canal.

This remedy is useful, when there is coryza with yellowish green pus like discharge and the coryza is worse with sneezing and when the nose is sore and smarting and worse in the damp weather.

It is useful in anemia, ulceration of the mouth and the throat.    It is useful whenever there is a sweetish metallic taste, in the salivary secretions, when the salivation is greatly increased and when the speech is difficult on account of trembling of the tongue.  It is a useful remedy for those who have a foul odor from the mouth.

It is useful when the crown of the tooth decays and the teeth become loose.  It is useful when there is a furrow on the upper surface of the tongue lengthwise, when the tongue is heavy thick moist and coated, flabby with the indenting of the teeth.  This remedy is very useful in Quinsy even after the pus has been formed.

This remedy is useful when there is a putrid eructation from the stomach and there is an intense thirst for cold drinks.  It is useful in flatulent distension, when the liver is enlarged and indurated.


It is useful when the stools are greenish, bloody slimy with pain and tenesmus.

It is useful when the subject has a frequent urge to urinate, with burning of the urethra, which is worse while beginning to urinate.

This remedy is useful in males, when they have vesicles and ulcers, soft chancres in the genitals. This remedy is also useful when the prepuce is irritated and the nocturnal emissions are stained with blood.

This remedy is useful when the menses are profuse with excoriating leucorrhoea, which is greenish and bloody, with itching and burning worse urinating and better washing the genitals with cold water.

This remedy is good for cough, when the subject cannot lie on the right side and the cough is associated with yellow muco-purulent expectoration.

It is useful when the subject has excessive perspiration in the skin, which is odorous and viscid.

It is a useful remedy when there are pustular and vesicular eruptions in the skin, which are worse from itching, from warmth and is associated with yellowish brown crusts.

This remedy is useful for glandular enlargement, which become worse when the subject catches cold.

This remedy suits persons who are worse in the night, wet damp weather, lying on the right side, perspiring, worse in a warm room and from the warmth of the bed.  It also suits persons who perspire easily and who have great weakness and trembling from the least exertion.


 It is the frequently exacerbating fever, with creeping chills and copious perspiration after the heat, which points MERCURY.

Dr. Boehr.

 MERCURIOUS SOLUBILIS AND SEPIA after BELLADONNA are most reliable in uterine congestion.

Dr. Moore.

 In children with leucorrhoea, MERCURY OR CALC CARB is mostly indicated.

Dr. Wassily.

 In glossitis, MERCURIOUS is the main remedy and seldom fails to cure.

Dr. Custis.

ACONITE in the first stage to be followed by MERCURIOUS later are often the only medicines needed in acute catarrhal bronchitis.

Dr. Hering, M.D.

For simple boils in the ear, the administration of BELLADONNA 6, 12 OR 30 in hourly alternation with MERC SOL will frequently prevent the development or suppuration of boil.

Dr. Moffat.

In acute rheumatism, the more frequent the relapses set in, the more is MERC SOL indicated.

Dr. Boehr.

 MERCURIOUS is a specific remedy in a great number of cases of jaundice.

Dr. Laurie, M.D.




 Hundreds of medical practitioners in the West are trying Chelation therapy for the prevention and treatment of degenerative circulatory diseases. Proponents of this therapy assert that it is useful in Coronary Artery disease, hypertension, Atherosclerosis, peripheral circulatory disease, premature senility and many age related diseases.

What is EDTA?


EDTA is the most commonly used agent for Chelation.  EDTA is a synthetic amino acid it expands as Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid. It is administered into the body as a series of intravenous infusions. Initially, EDTA gained its reputation for removing toxic metal poisoning from the body and was used in a rare condition where the Calcium levels in the blood are high in the body. It was an accidental finding that EDTA also helps restore the impaired circulation, which has lead to its widespread use in Alternative Medicine.

How does EDTA work?


To put it in a simple way, EDTA acts as a scavenger and binds to atheromatous concretions in the blood vessels, thus cleansing the blood vessels, and helps making them supple, less hard and reduces their narrowing.

So, in chronic circulatory dysfunction, where the coronary arteries may be blocked, EDTA opens up narrow and blocked coronary artery and reduces the angina pain.   If there is a circulatory deficiency in the legs, EDTA helps by improving the circulation by removing the obstructing plaques in the lower limb blood vessels.  It works similarly on the kidney and the brain and improves their function.

Is Chelation alone enough?

 If elderly patients have a crippling disease and are bed-ridden, then Chelation should be tried in isolation.  But, if the patient is able to comply, then Chelation must be tried with Diet modification and Graded exercise programmes as a part of a comprehensive approach, which will help improve the normality of circulation in the entire body.


Despite its wide spread use in Degenerative conditions, Chelation therapy has remained controversial; it has been much misunderstood and grossly under-investigated by mainstream medical professionals.

It is unfortunate that today, Cardiology has become extremely invasive and millions of patients are undergoing Angioplasty or Coronary Arterial Bypass Grafting.  The recurrence rate of Coronary Artery disease despite these procedures is high.  Many patients have to undergo repeat bypass operations or repeat Angioplasty, procedures which are extremely expensive, risky and emotionally painful.

A more open-minded search for a painless and a non-invasive option for these diseases should be made and perhaps, Chelation therapy may be the answer to the crippling and potentially fatal vascular diseases.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 119.



It is a great remedy for whooping cough with a suffocative feeling and asthmatic paroxysms.

It is useful whenever there is a tendency for the food to go to the esophagus.

It is useful whenever there are mucous rales in the upper part of the chest.

This remedy is similar to Drosera, Corallium and Sticta Puls.


We have been neglecting this in the acute phases of Asthma. If one sees an asthmatic attack, with difficult exhalation, marked coughing and aggravations at night, this remedy is well indicated: MEPHITES.

Dr. Robert. L.  Redfield.

 MEPHITES if taken in a low potency when one is exhausted; it tones up the nervous system and relieves the exhaustion.

Dr. E. A. Farrington, M.D.

  Dry cough following Influenza: Sudden, spasmodic burst of violent cough, hurting the lower ribs greatly: MEPHITES.

Dr. O. S. Haines, M.D.