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Old fashioned home remedies that actually work – part 1.


Our elders used homemade ingredients for various common ailments and some of them are efficacious to this day. But many such home remedies work better than the synthetic pharmaceuticals that so many people stuff their bodies with today.

Some useful home remedies:

Garlic and Olive Oil for Athlete’s Foot

Just shred some garlic cloves, mix them with natural olive oil and then use a bit of cotton to rub this mixture on to the affected area between the toes. It is extremely efficacious in athlete’s foot.

 Vinegar cures a Swimmer’s Ear

Put vinegar in your ears after a swim in the sea. The acidic properties of vinegar can kill off the swimmer’s ear bacteria, leaving you feeling like yourself again. Just take out some white vinegar, dilute it with distilled water, and put three drops into the problematic ear, three times a day, until the problem fades.

Olive Oil for Eczema

Eczema can make anyone grow crazy. But olive oil, which is full of antioxidants and often used as an ingredient in professional skin creams, isn’t just good for athlete’s foot: it can ease the symptoms of eczema as well. Simply rub some olive oil onto the eczema-affected areas of your skin, and it should help greatly to ameliorate the itching in eczema.

 Fix Hiccups with a Spoonful of Sugar

 “Hiccups” are actually just spasms of your diaphragm, so having a spoon of dry sugar will throw off the nerve muscles and cure their agitation.

Get rid of warts with duct tape

 After cleaning a wart off, just apply a strip of the tape to the affected area, and then keep it there for three days. After that, remove, and rub the wart area with a pumice stone, and then apply new tape.  Continue this process every three days until the wart disappears.

Use Coconut Oil for acne

In addition to many other uses, coconut oil is an effective treatment for acne, since its antibiotic properties prevent further breakouts. Just apply coconut oil to the skin, maybe mixing it with a little raw honey.

Have a Little Yogurt for That Bad Breath

Bad breath is known as halitosis.  But the cure for it is right there in your fridge: yogurt. At least two servings a day of this pro-biotic wonder, changes the landscape of your tongue so that it won’t breed any more the bad bacteria that produces that distinctive stink.

For bug bites by use toothpaste

Tooth paste contains peppermint oil inside: if you have the pure peppermint oil itself, that’s even more effective. Either way, applying peppermint oil to a bug bite—even if it’s just through dabbing on a little toothpaste – will immediately reduce the raw itchiness which occurs after a bed bug bite.

Soak Golden Raisins in Gin for Arthritis

If there’s one thing that afflicted so many of our grandparents, it was the terrible swelling pains of arthritis. But they had a home remedy that still works today. Get some golden raisins, soak them in gin, and let it sit overnight until all of the gin has been soaked up. After this is done, eat about ten raisins a day. While this won’t fix the underlying problems of arthritis, it will greatly ease the symptoms.

 Potato Slices in Headaches

For Headaches and migraines; use potato slices.   Just cut a few slices from a raw potato, soak them in a very thin cloth, and apply them to your forehead or directly to the temples.

To be continued…

Best herbs and supplements for natural skin care.


Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the first line of defense against injury, pathogens, toxins, air pollution, and overexposure to cold, heat and sun. Since it is the first organ in line to “take a hit” from every day environmental threats, and it is also the first to respond to these stressors with wrinkles, age spots, dryness, redness or pimples.

Some very special herbs and supplements which protect the skin:

Lavender oil has been shown to trigger the production of glutathione and superoxide dismutase –which are two undisputed antioxidants that offer skin protection.  In addition, it spurs the synthesis of collagen, one of the proteins responsible for skin’s elasticity. Lavender oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties and that essential oil of lavender can speed wound healing, while even treating infections resistant to conventional anti-fungal agents.

And another impressive study showed that lavender oil reduced swelling and inflammation as much as dexamethasone and reduced pain as much as tramadol which is an analgesic.   Lavender oil is not to be taken internally. Instead, it should be combined with carrier oil and applied topically.

Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a close relative to the yellowish-orange marigolds found in annual plantings. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Calendula is a popular ingredient in homeopathic creams and ointments used to treat cuts, contact dermatitis, diaper rash and sunburn.

Tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, can promote the healing of minor wounds while helping to prevent infection.  Tea tree oil can reduce the severity of this common allergic reaction.

Collagen, a protein found in the body’s connective tissues, is essential for the flexibility and resilience of skin. Aging, air pollution, poor nutrition and smoking can all take a toll on collagen, leading to a loss of the ability of skin to “snap back” and triggering the onset of wrinkles and sagging. Studies suggest that oral supplementary collagen may be able to help. In restoring skin health and vitality.

Vitamin C, hibiscus extract and macqui berry extract caused a significant improvement in skin elasticity and firmness after four weeks. And, as you may know: the antioxidant vitamin C plays an important role in producing collagen.  Good dietary sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, bell peppers and strawberries.

Vitamin A helps to preserve collagen in the body. Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is available in skincare creams and lotions. For best results, look for a formulation that contains vitamin C as well.


Of course, before trying the supplements listed above, be sure to check first with your integrative healthcare provider or skin care specialist. The skin is a vital organ and has to be cared for. Always keep your skin moisturized. Apply a moisturizer soon after washing your skin to help seal in moisture. For good skin health get enough sleep.   Eat healthy for a glowing and skin and stay adequately hydrated.

HIFU Treatments.


HIFU treatments are ones that were specifically designed to help reduce localized fat and body flaccidity. HIFU stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound. It is nothing more than a non-surgical procedure that utilizes technology available today along with medical aesthetic applications to help reduce localized body fat. It basically uses the energy of ultrasound by applying heat to the fat areas. It uses technology, so that temperatures as high as 70 degrees C can be applied to the desired areas.

These radio frequencies penetrate deep into the skin and destroy fat deposits. It is impressive that all of this can be done without damaging the skin, organs, or other parts of the body. It also allows for immediate contraction as well as regeneration of collagen and elasticity.

Uses of HIFU therapy:

Facial Rejuvenation – When this technology is applied to the face it can also stimulate facial elastin and collagen, reducing fine wrinkles around the mouth and nose, forehead, and eyes.

Reduction of Eye Bags – Fillers are extremely popular for dealing with eye bags, but you might be surprised to learn that HIFU treatments might be more effective. This technology not only has the power to reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.

Hydrating the Skin – This technology can actually improve the skin’s natural hydration. This will prevent future wrinkles while also leaving the skin looking healthy and luminous in a dewy way.

Fighting Acne – Acne is a troubling and common skin condition that million find themselves battling daily. Well, you could potentially eliminate all your acne woes with the power of HIFU treatments. This technology has the power to reduce the size of pores and limit the number of impurities that clog up those pores.


HIFU has many aesthetic benefits, including:

Wrinkle reduction

.tightening sagging skin on the neck (sometimes called turkey neck)

Lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Enhancing jaw line definition.

Tightening of the décolletage.Smoothing the skin.

Home remedies for common stomach upsets.


Childhood abdominal pain is a very common reason for parents to seek medical advice. The good news is that most childhood abdominal pain is benign and self-limiting, resolving rapidly.

A great grandmother remedy for pain due to indigestion and over eating:

Mint leaves

Take a small bunch of crushed fresh mint leaves and put it into 1 cup boiling water.


Then add a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder to the mix.


Then grate half a spoon of ginger into this mix

Cumin seeds &  Fennel seeds

Then add half a spoonful of cumin seed powder, fennel seed powder and asafetida each.

Mango leaves

To this mix add two teaspoonfuls of mango leaves which were previously dried and powdered.

Finally bring the mix to a boil over a small flame.  Cool this mixture and add some honey to taste. Then strain this mix. One glassful of this wonderful mixture worked wonders for any stomach pain or indigestion brought about due to a gastronomic extravaganza.


A word of caution: Chronic abdominal pain refers to pain that has been present continuously, or occurring at least on a weekly basis when intermittent, for a minimum period of two months. This should not be neglected and must be shown to a physician. Also if the abdominal pain is severe please contact your health care provider immediately.