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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 108.



This remedy is derived from the Tiger Lily.


It is a remedy that works on female organs.


It profoundly acts on persons who are depressed with a constant tendency to weep, and consolation aggravates.  The person is tormented about her salvation.  The patient feels that her ailment is incurable.

This remedy suits persons who are disposed to curse, strike and utter obscene things.  This remedy suits persons who are aimless, hurried in their manner and must keep busy.


It is useful in myopic astigmatism and restores the power of the weakened ciliary muscle.

It is useful for flatulence with pressure in the rectum and anus and the patient has a constant desire to pass stool.

The remedy suits persons who feel as if the heart is grasped by a vice.  The heart feels full to the point of bursting, there are palpitations and the pulse is irregular and very rapid.  There is pain in the cardiac region with a feeling of lead in the chest.


This remedy suits persons who have Angina Pectoris with pain in the right arm.

The remedy suits persons who have scanty, early menstruation, with dark clotted blood.  The menstrual blood is dark clotted and offensive and there is a bearing down to pass stools with the onset of menstruation.  This remedy suits females with pain in the ovarian region, radiating down to the thighs.  It is also considered to be a useful remedy in Nymphomania.

This remedy suits ladies who have an acrid leucorrhoea with smarting in the labia.  This remedy is also useful when there is smarting in the labia associated with sub-involution of the uterus with itching in the pudendal region.


It is useful when there is aching in the legs and the person cannot keep still and there is burning with palms and soles.

This remedy suits persons is useful for person who have a disturbed sleep with dreams.


Think highly of LILIUM in cases of ciliary spasm where the nervo-muscular derangement of the eye has caused a certain degree of astigmatism.  Recorded several cases in which such conditions disappeared under its use.

Dr. Woodyatt.

 Recommend LILIUM TIGRINUM to be given in mental and moral disturbances connected with uterine disorder and those which occasionally manifest themselves in pregnancy, child-bed and the climacteric age those in fact, for which ACTEA RACEMOSA has hitherto been our main remedy.

Dr. Dyce Brown.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is the father of using Bio-energy as a therapy. Dr. Reich believed that Bio-energy travels throughout the body and would become trapped in muscles and harden them, whenever emotions were repressed. Such a blockage of energy also destroyed the natural feelings and inhibited sexual responses.

Dr. Reich discovered during his research that loosening chronically rigid muscles resulted in physical sensations such as, pricking; itching and emotional arousal and he came to regard these sensations as reflecting the movement of bio-energy of the body.

From these concepts, two therapeutic approaches evolved; Bioenergetics by Dr. Alexander Lowen and Biodynamic Psychology by Dr. Gerda Boyesen.


Dr Lowen’s approach lay in three areas:

Grounding which concentrates on the stance of the patient with the feet on the ground and energy flowing freely in a circuit which reinforces a positive link with the earth.

Breathing: Here regular breathing patterns are established so that the sensory awareness increases and the feeling of being alive are enhanced.

Character Structure: Bioenergetics recognizes five major character types and most people manifest aspects of all the five.

  • Schizoid character: which is represented by holding the body together as a result of fear of it’s falling to pieces. The social behavior is not in harmony with body awareness.
  • Oral Character: the muscular pattern reveals a fear of abandonment or isolation.
  • Psychopathic character: Here a muscular pattern of holding up against fear of failure is revealed.
  • Masochistic character: The muscular pattern derives from tension caused by blocking feelings of rights and needs.
  • Rigid character: This is exemplified by a muscular pattern of holding back against emotions.

The School of Biodynamic Psychology:

Dr. Gerda Boyesen pays special attention to the interplay between the mind and body processes. Her approach uses massage and bodily movement techniques and works on the premise that a neurotic person embodies his neurosis in physiological processes.


Bioenergetics is a Holistic therapy, which seeks to release defense structures that we have evolved to cope up with everyday stress and help us experience a sense of well being and pleasure.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 107.



This remedy is derived from the plant called as Wild Rosemary.

 It is a suitable remedy for patients with a rheumatic constitution.

The rheumatism begins in the feet and travels upwards.


This remedy is capable of anti-doting the stings of insects.

This remedy is useful in conditions, where there is lack of heat in the body, yet the heat of the bed is intolerable.


It is useful to prevent Tetanus and also useful when Tetanus has already set in.

It is useful when there is twitching of the muscles near the wound.


It is useful in black eye due to a blunt weapon.

It suits broken down constitutions due to alcohol ingestion and is useful for those who constantly crave for whisky.


It is useful to heal anal fissures.

It is useful to treat gouty pains that shoot through the foot, the limb and the joints: It is useful to treat joints that are hot and pale.  It is useful in gouty nodosities.

It is useful when there is discoloration of the skin, long after injuries.

This remedy is useful when the patient feels better from cold applications and putting the feet in cold water.

This remedy suits persons who are better from the cold and putting their feet in the cold water.

This remedy suits persons who are worse at night and from the heat of the bed.


 LEDUM is superior to ARNICA or RHUS TOX for sprained ankle.  It is almost a specific.

Dr. Benj. Goldberg, M.D.

 LEDUM will relieve the pain from getting a foreign body under the fingernail almost instantly, Use 10 M.

Dr. Dwight Smith.

 LEDUM gives almost immediately relief to the itching caused by mosquito bites and this even when given internally in the 15th dilution. In the stings of bees and wasps, the result is less prompt, but still very satisfactorily.

Dr. Gutteridge.

This medicine LEDUM is useful in removing the addiction to whiskey, what CALADIUM is to the smoking habit.

 Our casualty department is swearing by, discovering the transcendent virtues of LEDUM, a remedy, as we know, for stings and punctures and bits of angry animals; for the rusty nails that run dangerously into the sole of the foot, or palm of the hand.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.




Massage therapy is scientific rubbing of the body and it is a part of Naturopathy.  Massage therapy is at least 5000 years old and the Chinese have been using this therapy for healing many ailments. Ayurvedic physicians in South India are famous for their oil massage.  Even Greeks, Roman, Turks, Arabs, and Persians have used Massage as a therapy to cure Rheumatism and Paralysis.

Massage therapy involves the principle of friction applied to the body, which generates ‘Kinetic or Static energy’.  Massage may be in the form of rubbing, stroking, kneading, pressing, pinching, tapping, shaking, squeezing, hacking, beating or slapping.  Massage therapy is also supposed to stimulate the muscles and improve the endocrine gland function.

Massage is Holistic:


Massage is Holistic because there is a transfer of the ‘soul force energy’ from the therapist to the patient and also a relaxation of the body of the patient, which will help the soul force of the patient to express it self and help in the healing process. Ideally massage should always be done on the nude skin.


The medical advantages of massage therapy are many; it improves the circulation of blood, skin and lymph vessels.  It improves the eliminative processes in the body.  It improves the assimilation of the body.  Massage is very useful in many arthritic disorders of an inflammatory nature.  It reduces the pain and stiffness of the body and gives a sense of well-being to the patient.  An oil massage reduces the dryness in the skin.  Massage is also useful in reducing congestion and thickening of tissues.

Massage therapy should not be used when the patient has wounds, burns, diffuse skin diseases like eczema, in cancers, acute bone diseases.   Massage should be carefully done during menstruation, during pregnancy or in cases of lymphangitis.


Massage therapy is a Holistic science but should only be used as an adjunct to other orthodox and established therapies.  It is also very important to note that the masseur should be trained well so as not to cause pain and should intuitively know how much pressure to apply so as not to cause discomfort to the patient.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 106.



This remedy is derived from the plant called as the Cherry Laurel.

This remedy is useful when Homeopathic remedies that are well selected do not act and this remedy is capable of rectifying the lack of reaction of the body.


This remedy is also useful in subjects who have a lack of vital heat in the body, with a feeble pulse, feeble circulation, in cyanosis and subnormal temperature. The striking thing is that in these cases, the subject is averse to warm covering, despite being cold.


 It is useful for spasmodic tickling cough, especially in Cardiac patients.  It is a useful remedy whenever the patient is gasping for breath after coughing.


It is useful in cases of Mitral valve regurgitation.

It is a useful remedy whenever there is an associated cyanosis and dyspnoea, which is worse while sitting up.

It is useful whenever there is a copious jelly like bloody expectoration.

It is useful in Cholera Infantum, with green watery stools.


I have had charge of a newborn ward for half a century.  I have seen many cases of cyanosis due to heart disease, congenital heart disease and atelectasis of the lungs (collapse of the lungs), and AMMONIUM TARTARICUM is one of the lifesavers in atelectasis.  When it comes to congenital heart disease, after the children have been dosed with Coramine and all of the modern heart stimulants and tonics, from adrenalin on down, I have come along with my LAURACERASUS and relieved the cyanosis and had normal heart action follow.  It is a precious good remedy, virtually due to the HYDROCYANIC ACID, which it contains.

Dr.William B. Griggs, M.D.