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Homeopathic Kit – Part 20.



This remedy is derived from Magnesium Phosphate.

 It suits subjects who are languid, tired and extremely exhausted and find it difficult to even sit up.

 It is a great anti-spasmodic remedy.  It is useful in cramps in the muscles with radiating pains.  It is useful when severe neuralgic pains are relieved with warmth.

 It is useful in supra-orbital pains worse on the right side, with twitching of the lids, with nystagmus strabismus and ptosis of the lids.

It is useful when the toothache is better by heat and hot liquids.

 It is useful when the flatulent colic forces the patient to bend double, and the pains are relieved by rubbing, warmth or pressure and is accompanied by belching gas.  The abdomen feels bloated and the patient must loosen the clothing.

 It is useful in ailments of teething children.

 It is useful in membranous dysmenorrhoea, vaginismus and in menstrual colic.

It is useful when the voice is hoarse, sore and raw.    It is useful in dry tickling cough, which is spasmodic.

 This remedy is useful in Inter-costal neuralgia.

 It is useful in Angina Pectoris with nervous palpitation.

 It is useful in Parkinson’s disease.  It is also useful cramps in the calves and in writer’s cramp.

This remedy suits persons who are worse on the right side, worse touch and in the night.

 This remedy suits persons who are better from warmth, bending double, pressure and friction.


 MAG PHOS can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer.

Dr. Heselton.


One’s chief use for MAG PHOS has been in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.  Single dose of the CM given anytime the patient happened to come up, not necessarily during the painful period, have cured for us, quite a number of cases, the indications being dysmenorrhoea, with violent abdominal pain, doubling the patient up and only relieved by heat.


Dr. M. L. Tyler, M.D.


 In cases of Angina Pectoris, where immediate temporary relief has been obtained with Nitrites, but where there is still discomfort, MAG PHOS will often help.  It should be given in hot water and I usually dissolve 10 tablets in a quarter glass of water and direct the patient to take a sip or a teaspoonful every, 5 or 10 minutes, until better.


Dr. Garth W. Boericke, M.D.

I am of the opinion that MAG PHOS is the best rejuvenator we possess.  Moreover, in practice I have found it to cover the exhaustion and most of the painful ailments of which old people complain and now give it to any person who looks older than his or her years.

Dr. Heselton.




I find this remedy extremely useful in dysmenorrhoea in young girls.  I also find this remedy very useful in toothache, which is worse from eating and drinking cold things, driving the patient into frenzy. It is also useful in cramps of the extremities, especially the calves during pregnancy. It also suits persons with writer’s cramps and it is useful in violin players with cramps in the fingers and the wrist.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 19


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 This remedy is derived from the plant called as Wild Rosemary.

 It is a suitable remedy for patients with a rheumatic constitution.

 The rheumatism begins in the feet and travels upwards.

 This remedy is capable of anti-doting the stings of insects.

 This remedy is useful in conditions, where there is lack of heat in the body, yet the heat of the bed is intolerable.

 It is useful to prevent Tetanus and also useful when Tetanus has already set in.

 It is useful when there is twitching of the muscles near the wound.

 It is useful in black eye due to a blunt weapon.

 It suits broken down constitutions due to alcohol ingestion and is useful for those who constantly crave for whisky. 

 It is useful to heal anal fissures.

 It is useful to treat gouty pains that shoot through the foot, the limb and the joints: It is useful to treat joints that are hot and pale.  It is useful in gouty nodosities.

 It is useful when there is discoloration of the skin, long after injuries.

 This remedy is useful when the patient feels better from cold applications and putting the feet in cold water.

 This remedy suits persons who are better from the cold and putting their feet in the cold water.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse at night and from the heat of the bed.


LEDUM is superior to ARNICA or RHUS TOX for sprained ankle.  It is almost a specific.

Dr. Benj. Goldberg, M.D.

LEDUM will relieve the pain from getting a foreign body under the fingernail almost instantly, Use 10 M.

Dr. Dwight Smith.

LEDUM gives almost immediately relief to the itching caused by mosquito bites and this even when given internally in the 15th dilution. In the stings of bees and wasps, the result is less prompt, but still very satisfactorily.

Dr. Gutteridge.

This medicine LEDUM is useful in removing the addiction to whiskey, what CALADIUM is to the smoking habit.

 Our casualty department is swearing by, discovering the transcendent virtues of LEDUM, a remedy, as we know, for stings and punctures and bits of angry animals; for the rusty nails that run dangerously into the sole of the foot, or palm of the hand.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.

I find this remedy very useful black eyes and in hemorrhages in the anterior chamber of the eyes.  It is also useful in punctured wounds and insect bites.  It is useful when patients have a constant and easy spraining of the ankles and the feet.  It is useful in Rheumatism and gout where the pains are tearing, worse by motion, better or relieved by holding the feet in ice water. It is also useful when the balls of the toe are painful and swollen and when the heels feel bruised.

Homeopathic Kit – part 18.




It is a useful remedy in colds and sinus infections.


It is useful in Frontal pain in the face, associated with frontal sinusitis.

It is useful in conjunctivitis with granular lids; it is also useful in Iritis with ulcers in the cornea.


It is useful in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media with a thick yellow fetid discharge.

It is useful in ulcerated nasal septum with fetid smell from the nose, with a discharge, which is thick, ropy and greenish yellow.  It is useful there is anosmia (loss of smell) with violent sneezing and profuse watery nasal discharge.  It is useful in chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

It is a useful remedy for dysentery with tenesmus  (ineffectual urging to pass stools) and the stools are brown and frothy.

 It is a useful remedy whenever there is a burning of the urethra after urinating and one drop seems to remain behind, which cannot be expelled.

It is useful in tenacious leucorrhoea with itching in the vulval region.

It is useful whenever there is a hoarseness of voice, with a metallic dry hacking cough.  It is useful whenever there is yellow expectoration with catarrhal laryngitis.

This remedy suits persons who are better from heat, and are worse from beer, morning, and hot weather and while undressing.



 For inflammations of the sinuses, the KALIS are probably more frequently indicated than any other remedy. KALI BICHROMIUM is considered by many a specific in frontal sinusitis.

Dr. G. B. Stearns, M.D.

 In Post influenzal cases of persisting sinusitis, which are aggravated by cold, damp weather, and better in a warm bed, KALI BICHROMIUM is of great value.

Dr. D. M. Borland, M.B., Ch.B. F.F. Hom (Lond).

 KALI BICHROMIUM may be given when the respiratory symptoms are complicated with acute bronchitis or bronchopneumonia. This remedy is found to be one of the best.  It has been proven and found to be well indicated in severe cases presenting conjunctivitis with phlyctenules, ulceration of the Meibomian glands, purulent discharge from the eyes or coughing of a stringy mucus, accompanied by membranous laryngitis.

Dr. John C. Weinski, M.D.


This remedy is very useful in catarrhal disorders where the discharge is thick, viscid and stringy or ropy in nature. I find this useful in many cases of sinusitis and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 17


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 It is useful for injuries of the fingers and toes and crushed nerves, after dental procedures and surgery.

This remedy is derived from the plant called as the St. John’s Wort.

It is a great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially fingers, toes and nails.

 It is useful in crush injuries of fingertips; it is useful in punctured wounds and relieves all the pains after surgery.

 It is useful when the patient is over-sensitive to pain.

 It is useful in preventing Tetanus.

 It is useful in coccydynia (pain in the tip of the tail bone).

It is useful in curing injuries of nerves after animal bites.

It is useful in neuritis, tingling, burning and numbness in the nerves.

It is useful, when the patient feels that the Brain seems to be compressed, throbbing with brain fag and neurasthenia.

 It is useful when the joints feel bruised.

 It is also useful when there is an intense eruption under the skin.

 It is useful in healing lacerated wounds with much prostration from the loss of blood.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse in cold, dampness in a fog, in closed rooms and from least exposure and touch.



HYPERICUM is superior to ARNICA before or after tooth extraction.

Dr. Benj. Goldberg, M.D.

 HYPERICUM is the main remedy for spinal injuries.  It may be given when there is a past history of spinal injury.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

Hoarseness amounting to aphonia brought on by fog calls for: HYPERICUM.


 For pain in the coccyx, after injury at birth often due to the bruising of the nerves round the bone, when the gynecologists and surgeons have despaired this medicine will cure the complaint in a week or two, in a mother who has given birth to a child: HYPERICUM

Madras Hom. Journal

 HYPERICUM will promptly relieve facial paralysis in the newborn resulting from forceps delivery when ARNICA fails.

Dr. R. B Das.

 Piercing wounds from pointed instruments should always be treated with HYPERICUM to prevent any untoward symptoms. (Tetanus).

Dr. Hering, M.D.

HYPERICUM oil is wonderful in ecchymosis about the eye or anywhere in the body it takes the pain too.

 Dr. W. W. Wilson.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 16



This remedy suits persons who are over-sensitive and slightest irritation causes pain and the patients are peevish and angry at the least trifle. 

 It is also useful in hypochondriac patients, who are unreasonably anxious. 

 This remedy suits scrofulous constitutions, inclined to have eruptions and glandular swellings.  It suits persons with a tendency for suppuration, every little scratch suppurates and the skin is unhealthy.

This remedy is useful for abscess, boils, and whitlows with throbbing splinter like pain.

 This remedy is useful for persons sensitive to cold air and drinks, and this person prefers to be in a warm room.

 This remedy is useful, when cold winds bring on sneezing and the chill goes to the chest.  This remedy is useful in cases of asthma that arises from suppressed eruption.

It is useful in ulcerated sores in the nose with hay fever like symptoms.

 It is one of the greatest remedies in PSORIASIS and is useful if used in the1M potency.

 It is useful in ulcers in the cornea, when there is great pain in the eyes, which are red and inflamed and suppurating with pus.

 It is useful for deafness after measles, pustules in the external auditory canal with discharge of pus.

 It is useful in Herpes, fig-warts, and suppurating inguinal glands.

The remedy suits persons who are worse in cold dry winds, cool air and the slightest draught.

 It also suits persons who are better in damp weather and from wrapping up the head.


Take a dozen cases of Quinsy.  All seem to have much the same symptoms locally: “extreme pain on swallowing, one sided swelling and inflammation about the tonsil, pain often extending to the ear”; the mental symptoms here may differ, but without further analysis, a great majority of them will recover promptly following a dose of HEPAR SULFURICUM 2c in water, 3 doses a two hourly intervals; BARYTA CARB or some other remedy may occasionally be needed.


Dr. T.K, Moore, M.D.

In Otitis Media in the absence of clear cut indications, give indications, give this medicine: HEPAR SULFURICUM.


Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H. etc.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 15.



This remedy is derived from the yellow jasmine plant.  It is a polycrest remedy and is used to treat acute diseases.

This remedy has its actions centered round the nervous system causing various degrees of motor paralysis.  It suits children, young boys and girls, nervous men and women, who are highly emotional, hysterical, fearful, timid, apprehensive subjects, who lack the vital force.

 It is useful when the patient has dizziness, drowsiness, dullness and trembling.

 It is useful when there is muscular weakness with lack of muscular co-ordination, dullness with languor, apathy about the ailment.

This remedy is useful in combating the bad effects of fright, fear or exciting news.

 It is also useful when vertigo spreads to the occiput.

 It is useful in dull headaches with a bruised sensation.

 It is useful in Ptosis of the eyelid (drooping) with diplopia (double vision). This remedy often corrects the blurring and discomfort in the eye even after the patient has accurately adjusted his glasses.

 It is also useful in detachment of the retina with glaucoma.

It is useful in acute cold with dull headache and fever.

 This remedy is useful when the tonsils are swollen and throat feels rough with burning.


This remedy is useful in diarrhea after emotional excitement, fright or bad news.  The stools are painless and involuntary.

This remedy is useful to correct the partial paralysis of the rectum and the anal sphincter.

This remedy is useful when the urine is profuse and clear, watery with chilliness and tremulousness, there may be a discomfort while passing urine with the partial paralysis of the urinary bladder with intermittent flow with retention.

 This remedy is useful in dull backache where the muscles feel relaxed.  Every little exertion causes fatigue and there is pain in the back, the hips and the lower extremities.

 This remedy is useful in writer’s cramp and cramps in the forearms.

 It is useful when there is trembling and weakness in all the limbs.

It is useful when the sleep is difficult, and there is exhaustion from insomnia.

 This remedy suit persons who are worse from damp weather, fog, thunderstorms, emotions or excitement, bad news, tobacco smoking.



No remedy can at all be compared with GELSEMIUM Q 1 to 5 drops every thirty minutes to produce relaxation of the rigid unyielding Os uterus in labor.

 Dr. Douglas.


GELSEMIUM should never be forgotten in inveterate backache.  It is recommended in doses all the way from 10 drops Q to 10 M potency.

Medical Century, 1893.

It is a wonderful remedy, and I have seen dramatic improvement in cases of Cerebro-vascular accidents, paralytic diseases, headaches, fever, neuralgia and rheumatism.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 14




It is a remedy that is derived form Ferric phosphate.

It is a useful remedy in acute febrile conditions.

 This remedy stands midway, in its action between Aconite, Belladonna and Gelsemium.

 This remedy is useful when there is prostration with fever, but there is no anxious restlessness, as with Aconite.

This remedy is useful in the acute stage of all febrile disturbances and inflammations before the exudation sets in.

 FERRUM PHOS may be given in the 3x potency and it helps increase the Hemoglobin.

It is a useful remedy for throbbing sensations in the head. These headaches are usually better with cold applications.

 It is useful to combat the ill effects of the sun-heat.


It is useful in conjunctivitis, where the eyes are red and inflamed with a burning sensation and a blurred vision.


It is useful in the first stages of Acute Otitis Media where the ear- drum is red and bulging.

 It is useful to stop nasal bleeding (epistaxis).

 It is useful in combating Acute Tonsillitis where the tonsils are red, swollen and also in sore throat of singers.

 It is useful in the first stage of Peritonitis.

 This remedy is useful in the first stage of all inflammatory conditions.

 It is useful in stiff neck with articular rheumatism.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse at night, with touch, jar or motion and better with cold applications.


 FERRUM PHOS can be given in a toddler in the 12x potency, 3 times a day for a week or two to strengthen his little body while it is growing so rapidly.

Dr. M. Blakey.

FERRUM PHOS raises the Opsonic Index against Pneumococcus.

Dr. Hinsdale.



This remedy is useful in the first stage of inflammation. It is useful to arrest bright red hemorrhage and is very useful in Acute Otitis Media.

Homeopathic Kit – Part 13.






This remedy is derived from a plant called as Eye-bright.

THE RED LETTER SYMPTOMS IN THE EYES is profuse acrid lacrymation with a bland cold. (In Allium Cepa there is bland lacrymation with acrid coryza).

 This remedy is useful for catarrhal headaches.

 This remedy is useful when the lid burns and there is swelling and sticky mucous discharge.

 This remedy is useful in a stiff upper lip.

 This remedy is also useful in an inflamed prostate with spasmodic retraction of the genitals.

 It is a useful Influenza remedy.

It is useful for the eye symptoms seen in Measles.



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In 2014, the Flu season has been severe with the advent of H1N1 epidemic in the US.  In China, authorities are worried that the H7N9 virus would mutate and spread easily from humans to humans resulting in a worldwide pandemic.  A single severe flu pandemic could cost the world more that $3 trillion.  It would bring shared misery, economic decline, and societal disruptions on a global scale, with the poor and those in fragile states hit the hardest.  It is in that background, I have attempted to educate the readers to alternatives. There are many flu remedies in Homeopathy and I have only listed a few. The purpose of this article is for educational purposes.  This article is not intended  to replace the heath care systems or the Allopathic system of medicine.   The remedies listed below can be used both as  curative and preventative medication.

Eating certain foods that are rich in Vitamin A & C helps in Influenza:

  • Bananas
  • Bell Peppers.
  • Blueberries lower fevers and help with the aches and pains
  • Carrots
  • Chilli Peppers can open sinuses.
  • Cranberries
  • Mustard & Horseradish helps break up mucus in air passages.
  • Onion: Has phytochemicals that help in clearing infections.
  • Rice useful in influenza with diarrhoea.
  • Tea: Black and green tea act like natural antibiotics
  • Lemon and honey juice boost the immune system
  • Cayenne pepper helps keep you warm if you have a fever
  • Chamomile tea: gives good sleep and relaxation.
  • Peppermint tea is useful when sinuses are blocked. 
  • Ginger is useful for flu with stomach problems
  • Thyme is a good herb in coughs.
  •  Oregano: is good for colds and coughs.
  •  Sage is an excellent herb for sore throats and fevers.
  •  Cinnamon is an immune booster.

Homeopathy and influenza:

It is generally impossible to pinpoint a few remedies. But, what is fascinating is that during an influenza epidemic, a remedy or two will work marvellously during an epidemic. This remedy is sometimes referred to as “Genus epidemicus”.


  • This remedy is useful in a sudden onset of the flu with great anxiety and fear.

·         Symptoms come on very suddenly, especially after exposure to a dry, cold wind or from an emotional alarm or fright.

·         The individual is very restless

·         High fever, dry cough, sore throat and feeling of great worry and fear

·         It is very useful in Pneumonia of a sudden onset.

·         It is useful in the early stages of croup.

·         The patient always feels better in fresh air
Worse: in a warm room, in the evening or at night, lying on the left side, hearing music, when exposed to tobacco smoke.

·         Other uses:  any situation where the person is scared, such if they just witnessed something terrible, were just involved in an accident, etc.


·         This remedy is useful when the Flu is associated with a feeling of soreness, as if bruised internally and externally

·         The patient complains that the bed feels too hard.

·         Desires sour drinks and alcohol.

·         Other uses:  This is the main initial remedy for acute injuries and accidents. It is a great remedy for bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, cuts, etc.  It is commonly given to patients before and after surgery to improve outcome, decrease bleeding and bruising and promote healing.  It is a great remedy to have in your emergency kit.

 Arsenicum album:

·         The patient is extremely restless, oversensitive, anxious and weak. 

·         There is an acute fear of death. The face is pale with an anxious expression

·         There is extreme prostration, which is out of proportion to the disease.

·         Very restless, can’t stay in one place. Does not want to be left alone

·         Burning pains that are better with warm applications

·         Thirsty, drinks in small sips often

·         Worse between 1 and 2 a.m.

·         Vomiting and diarrhea are common. The diarrhea with acrid, offensive, watery stools.

·         Desires fatty and sour things, especially lemon

·         The patient is called as a GOLDEN HEADED CANE PERSONALITY.  He is too neat, upset by clutter. This is a peculiarity. The patient insists on being spic and span despite his aliments.

·         Other uses: Food poisonings and flu’s caused by gastric derangements.


·         The patient looks drowsy and drunk. 

·         The Flu comes on suddenly and is associated with high fever and a feeling of being bruised all over.

·         Profuse sweating with a high fever and an intense thirst

·         The bed feels hard (Compare with Pyrogenium and Arnica)

·         The flu is associated with a stupefying headache, with confusion.

·         The fever is associated with a delirium with strange sensations, like as if there is somebody else in bed with him, parts of her body are separated, etc

·         Patient smells bad.


·         Flu with a high fever, red face and dilated pupils.

·         The face is typically flushed. The patient may have a sore throat, eyes wide and staring, pupil’s dilated, bright red tongue, and red throat with white spots on the tonsils.

·         Dryness and burning heat.

·         Everything is intense and concentrated in the head.

·         High fever that comes on suddenly, often as a result of a change in temperature (e.g. becoming chilled or overheated, washing the hair).

·         Constriction on attempting to swallow

·         Symptoms tend to affect the right side of the body.

·         Craving for lemon or lemonade.

·         General aggravation at 3 p.m.

·         Better: standing, sitting upright, in a warm room.
Worse: any noise, bright light, movement, lying down, night.

·         Other uses: streptococcal throat, meningitis, abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, etc, when the overall picture fits.


·         The patient with Flu is extremely irritable and strangely talks about business despite the fever.

·         Flu with a severe, throbbing headache, body pains. 

·         All symptoms are worse from any motion.

·         Slow onset.

·         Thirst for large amounts infrequently, preferably cold.

·         Pains (headache, body pains) better by pressure. 

·         Lies on the painful part.

·         Dryness everywhere, dry tongue, with generally a white coating

·         Nose bleed

·         Pneumonia, especially of the right side; pleurisy (pain on breathing and coughing).

Eupatorium perfoliatum:

·         This remedy is useful in Dengue fever. It is useful when the fever is associated with severe body pains. The patient feels that the bones are broken

·         Feels as if run over by a truck, with pain deep in the bones.

·         Bursting headache and sore eyes.

·         Thirsty for ice cold water (opposite to Gelsemium, which is not thirsty).

·         Chills running up and down the back.

·         High fever preceded by chills, especially from 7 – 9am.


·         This Flu is associated with chills and paralytic weakness.   

·         They feel as if run over by a truck.

·         This tends to be the number 1 flu remedy.

·         Slow onset

·         It is a remedy for people who are afraid of a forthcoming task or event such as a public speaking

·         Sore throat

·         Bursting headache beginning in the neck and which may extend over the head to the eyes and forehead; relieved by copious urination.

·         Double vision often before or during the headache. Eyelids are heavy and droopy, can’t keep them open.

·         Fatigue, heaviness and dullness.  The legs feel weak and shaky and they just want to lie in bed.

·         Pain is felt in the muscles

·         No thirst.

·         Aching muscles

·         Chills begin in the hands and feet, and run up and down the spine

·         The patient is generally worse in the early morning and last thing at night, in the sun, and when exposed to tobacco smoke.
Better: after urination and fresh air


The remedy Bryonia is also useful in pains, but they are much worse from any movement.  The patient requiring Gelsemium does not want to move due to fatigue and heaviness, not because there is aggravation from movement

The patient requiring Eupatorium perfoliatum also feels as if run over by a truck, but the pains are more severe, and they are felt in the bones.  In addition, Eup-per patient is thirsty, and Gels patient is not.

Other uses: Anxiety anticipating an important engagement.

Kali sulphuricum: 

·         This remedy is useful when the flu is associated with yellow slimy tongue, nasal discharge, ear discharge, and diarrhea.

·         Fever with easy sweating

·         Cough with easily expelled yellow slimy sputum.

·         Thirsty.  Averse to hot drinks

·         Wants to lie down, but it makes her worse, so she must walk for relief.

 Mercurius solubilis:  

·         The patient requiring this drug has a Flu and the body has a dirty, smell

·         There is increased salivation, offensive breath, and profuse offensive sweat.

·         There is a drooling of saliva.

·         Filthy tongue, large, flabby, tooth – notched

·         Craves bread and butter

·         Craves bread and butter

·         Worse:  night, heat of bed


Nux Vomica:

·         Flu with great irritability and over sensitivity.  Easily offended, angry, cold.

·         Irritable, impatient, angry and easily offended.

·         Very chilly. Chilliness on the slightest movement. On the slightest exposure to the open air, shivering and chilliness for an hour; dreads to go out into the open air. The slightest draught of cold air chills the patient. He cannot get warm. The chill is not relieved by heat or by bed coverings.  The patient wants to be completely covered

·         Very sensitive to light, noise and odors.

·         Shivering and chilliness immediately after drinking

·         This is essentially useful for fast track modern day executives who are fastidious.

·          Such people want everything done in a particular manner and will not take any less…

·          It is useful when patients collapse due to fatigue and states of overwork.

·         Other uses: Ailments from overdoing: overeating, overwork, etc. 

·         This remedy is useful for a Hangover after an alcoholic binge


·         The flu quickly affects the lungs, especially the base of the right lung. 

·         Lots of cough.  Bleeding. Bloody sputum, which is bright red.

·         The patient craves cold drinks, which may be vomited when they become warm in the stomach.

·         Burning, pressure and constriction in the chest; worse lying on the left side; worse lying on the painful side (patient and the cough).

·         This remedy is also useful in nasal bleeds, which are bright red.

·         Cough, worse talking and laughing


·         This remedy suits individuals who become clingy and weepy when sick.   

·         One-sided chilliness – heat – sweat.  One cheek red, the other white.

·         There are palpitations with anxiety along with the symptoms

·         The patient is compelled to throw off the clothes

·         Dry cough at night, better sitting up, worse on lying down again.

·         Thick yellow-green discharge from nose.  Yellow-green expectoration

·         Craves butter, cream, pastries.

·         Thirstlessness is almost a key-note symptom of the flu.

·         Tearful, craves company and sympathy.

·         Worse: external warmth, closed room
Better: open air, outside, slow motion

Other uses:  This is one of the most commonly used remedies in children.  Whatever the problem (ear infection, teething, cold, etc), when the child is weepy, wants the caregiver next to him all the time and gets better only when held.  This is opposite to Chamomilla children, who are often angry and reject kindness.


·         This is a master drug for septic states.

·         The bed feels too hard, aching everywhere, feels beaten and bruised

·         Everything is offensive: sweat, breath, discharges, stool, etc

·         The pulse is abnormally rapid for the temperature.

·         There may be high temperature with slow pulse, or the reverse.

·         Creeping chills in the back, with a thumping heart.

·         Bursting headache

·         Rapid bed sores

·         Extremely restless.  Has to keep on moving, rocking, wringing, for momentary relief.

 Rhus toxicodendron:

 ·         This remedy is useful in Flu where there is Stiffness and restlessness in the joints that become better with movement.

·         The patient is restlessness.  Wants to move all the time.

·         Aching and stiffness in the joints, worse on first starting to move and better with continued movement.

·         Red triangle on the tip of the tongue.

·         Intense fever: thirsty: great prostration: weeps without knowing why

·         Severe aching in the bones.

·         Fear of poisoning.  She may refuse taking medicine feeling it is poison.

·         Anxiety and fear, which are worse at night.

·         Other uses: Sprains, strains, when the pain is better with movement (opposite of Bryonia).


·         This is a good remedy where the patient complains of hot, burning sensations.

·         This is a well-known remedy for skin irritation.

·         This remedy is useful when the fever partially recovers and then relapses.

·         Very sensitive to the open air and drafts (opposite to Pulsatilla);

·         All complaints become worse from washing and taking a bath.

·         The crown of the head is very hot but the feet are cold.

·         The soles of the feet burn at night; they must be put out of the bed.

·         Hungry and starving at 11am, but not before then


Remedies that are considered in life-threatening cases:

My personal experience in these complicated Flu cases is not too good and I prefer to admit them into Intensive care, especially my older patients. But two remedies are popular with Homeopaths and they are listed below.

 Carbo –vegetalis:

·         This remedy is called as a “Corpse reviver” It is said to make a nearly dead man alive.

·         It should be used in desperate cases, and that too in high potency.

·         The patient feels cold; even the breath and tongue are cold; very pale, air – hunger, and yet asks for the windows to be opened  strangely, he wants to be fanned.

·         Shortness of breath.  Must sit up in bed. 

·         Bloating, indigestion, and tremendous amount of gas.

·         This is a frequent ICU remedy, when life seems to be ebbing away.

China (Cinchona officinalis): 

·         This remedy has shown some promise in Malaria as well as Flu.

·         It is useful in ailments resulting from loss of fluids: blood loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

·         Desperate cases

·         Debility with chilliness

·         Anemic; pallid; weak. Sensitive to touch: motion: to cold air.

·         Worse at regular period: alternate days, every third day, every seven days, etc.

·         Weariness of the limbs, with desire to stretch, move or change position

·         Painless diarrhea with a lot of gas


Even though natural and homeopathic methods are useful and gentle, care should be taken while prescribing these medicines in the elderly and the very young.  In both these cases a common cold can turn into a dangerous chest infection and if unchecked can lead to extreme morbidity and even death.  In any case, all fevers lasting for more than three days should be investigated properly to rule out any serious disease. As ever, the cautionary statement is that PLEASE DO NOT TRY THESE REMEDIES ON YOUR OWN. PLEASE TAKE THE ADVISE OF AN EXPERIENCED HOMEOPATH NEAR YOU.





Homeopathic Kit – Part 12


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This is derived from an herb called as Boneset or Thoroughwort.  It grows wildly in Canada and the USA.

This is an excellent remedy for bone pains and fever with an aching body, such as; Dengue fever, Malarial fever, Rheumatic fever and all ailments associated with severe bone pains.

 It is a wonderful remedy in damp marshy area where people suffer from bone pains.

It is a wonderful remedy for the liver and the gallbladder where the taste is bitter and there is vomiting which is preceded by thirst.

 It is a great remedy for Influenza where there is great soreness in the muscles, great thirst and chronic loose cough at night.

 This remedy is useful for extreme aching in arms, wrists and bones of the extremities.

 This remedy is useful in viral fevers like Dengue fever, whenever the patient feels thirsty and has severe bone pains associated with the fever.