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Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 172.



This remedy is derived from Tin.

This remedy is useful for those who feel weak and faint when going downwards, but can go up well enough.  It also suits women who are sad and despondent, and feel like crying all the time, but crying makes them worse.  It is also useful in person with extreme exhaustion of the mind and body and has to sit down several times while dressing in the morning with great weakness in the chest.  This remedy suits subjects who are sad and anxious, easily discouraged and who have a dread of seeing or inter-acting with people.

 This remedy has its action centered round the nervous system and the respiratory organs.  It is suited for debility and in chronic bronchitis and chronic pulmonary conditions.  It is useful whenever there is a profuse muco-purulent discharge in an underlying tuberculous condition.  This remedy suits subjects who have an adhesive mucous in the throat, which is difficult to detach.  This remedy suits subjects who have a hoarse cough, where the mucous is expelled by forcible cough and the cough is excited by laughing, singing, talking, which is worse by lying on the right side.  The cough is copious green with a sweetish expectoration and more in the daytime.  The chest feels weak and the subject can hardly talk.


This remedy is useful in subjects who have pain in the head, which is worse from motion, gradually increasing and decreasing, as if constricted by a band.

This remedy suits subjects, where the smell of cooking causes nausea and the colic is relieved by hard pressure.

The remedy suits subjects who sleep with one leg drawn up and the other stretched out.  This remedy suits subjects who have a paralytic weakness in the extremities; drops things and ankles are swollen.  This remedy suits subjects who find that the limbs suddenly give out when attempting to sit down.  This remedy is useful whenever there is a spasmodic twitching of the muscles of the forearm and arm and the fingers jerk when holding the pen.  This remedy is useful in subjects with Neuritis associated with Typewriter’s paralysis.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse after using the voice, while laughing, talking, singing, lying on the right side and after warm drinks.

This remedy suits subjects who are better while coughing, expectoration and with hard pressure.

PULSATILLA is a remedy that follows STANNUM in respiratory conditions.


 I have been astonished at its power over the prolapsed uterus.  It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 Do not forget STANNUM in frontal sinus conditions when the pain rises slowly to a peak and falls gradually.

Dr. Woodbury.



 Hundreds of medical practitioners in the West are trying Chelation therapy for the prevention and treatment of degenerative circulatory diseases. Proponents of this therapy assert that it is useful in Coronary Artery disease, hypertension, Atherosclerosis, peripheral circulatory disease, premature senility and many age related diseases.

What is EDTA?


EDTA is the most commonly used agent for Chelation.  EDTA is a synthetic amino acid it expands as Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid. It is administered into the body as a series of intravenous infusions. Initially, EDTA gained its reputation for removing toxic metal poisoning from the body and was used in a rare condition where the Calcium levels in the blood are high in the body. It was an accidental finding that EDTA also helps restore the impaired circulation, which has lead to its widespread use in Alternative Medicine.

How does EDTA work?

To put it in a simple way, EDTA acts as a scavenger and binds to atheromatous concretions in the blood vessels, thus cleansing the blood vessels, and helps making them supple, less hard and reduces their narrowing.

So, in chronic circulatory dysfunction, where the coronary arteries may be blocked, EDTA opens up narrow and blocked coronary artery and reduces the angina pain.   If there is a circulatory deficiency in the legs, EDTA helps by improving the circulation by removing the obstructing plaques in the lower limb blood vessels.  It works similarly on the kidney and the brain and improves their function.

 Is Chelation alone enough?

 If elderly patients have a crippling disease and are bed-ridden, then Chelation should be tried in isolation.  But, if the patient is able to comply, then Chelation must be tried with Diet modification and Graded exercise programmes as a part of a comprehensive approach, which will help improve the normality of circulation in the entire body.


 Despite its wide spread use in Degenerative conditions, Chelation therapy has remained controversial; it has been much misunderstood and grossly under-investigated by mainstream medical professionals.

It is unfortunate that today, Cardiology has become extremely invasive and millions of patients are undergoing Angioplasty or Coronary Arterial Bypass Grafting.  The recurrence rate of Coronary Artery disease despite these procedures is high.  Many patients have to undergo repeat bypass operations or repeat Angioplasty, procedures which are extremely expensive, risky and emotionally painful.

A more open-minded search for a painless and a non-invasive option for these diseases should be made and perhaps, Chelation therapy may be the answer to the crippling and potentially fatal vascular diseases.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 171.





This remedy is derived from Roasted Sponge, which is a sea animal belonging to the natural order of Coclenterata.

 This remedy is useful in dry cough with a tuberculosis diathesis, heart affection and in exhaustion and heaviness of the body after the slight exertion.


This remedy is useful in chronic dry cough with nasal catarrh.  This cough is associated with tickling of the throat, which causes the cough. This remedy is useful when the cough seems to come from a deep spot in the chest and the chest feels raw and sore.  This remedy is useful in bronchitis with wheezing asthmatic cough, which is worse from exposure to cold air and is associated with profuse expectoration.

This remedy is also useful in Thyroid gland enlargement (Goiter), associated with Hyperthyroidism.

This remedy is also useful in testicular swelling with pain and tenderness (Epididymo-orchitis).

This remedy is useful for the hoarseness of the larynx, where the cough is dry, barking, croupy and worse during inspiration. It suits subjects whose cough abates after eating or drinking food, especially warm drinks.  It is useful for sore throat that comes on after eating sweet things.  This remedy is useful in Tubercular laryngitis with hoarseness.

This remedy is useful for rapid and violent palpitation associated with breathlessness in valvular diseases of the heart and in angina pectoris.

This remedy is also useful in swelling and indurations of glands. It is useful in itching of the skin associated with measles.

This remedy suits subjects who awaken with fright and feel suffocated and are generally worse after sleep.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse during midnight, with the ascending wind. It also suits subjects who are better from descending and lying down with the head low.


 I have never done better work with any other remedy in valvular diseases of the heart than SPONGIA.

Dr. Nash, M.D.

 SPONGIA TOSTA is the most valuable medicine we have when there is fibrinous deposit upon the valves of the heart.  I have repeatedly found the bellows-murmur disappear as well as the subjective symptoms become relieved under its use.  Sudden waking up in the night with a sense of suffocation is the symptom, which especially leads me to its choice I must say that for removing the valvular lesions of endocarditis, I have found SPONGIA very inferior to NAJA.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 SPONGIA relieves the cough and other concomitants of an aneurysm of the descending aorta.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.


SPONGIA is useful only in Asthma depending upon Tuberculosis.

Dr. Boehr.



The western world has always been advocated the use of meat, fish, poultry, grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables for a healthy living.  But recent studies have shown that this diet actually causes diseases.

More people are turning vegetarian and some are turning into vegans. Veganism is a form vegetarianism where the subjects consciously avoid diary products is eggs. Vegans also avoid using fur, leather, wool and cosmetics, where the products are tested on animals.

Comparative anatomy studies of humans and carnivores:

If we see the hands of human beings, they are rounded without claws suggesting that human hands are meant for pluck fruits rather than tearing flesh.  The incisor teeth are meant for chewing vegetables and the human canine teeth is not well developed.  The salivary secretion in humans has salivary amylase, an enzyme that is designed to digest complex vegetarian carbohydrates. The hydrochloric acid secretion from the stomach is less than 10% of that of the carnivores, suggesting that the human body is more designed to absorb and digest vegetarian food.  Lastly, the length of the large intestine in carnivores is very short and it is three times longer in humans. This is perhaps one reason, why we are meant to be vegetarian.

Non-vegetarianism is dangerous:

The consumption of animal fats and proteins has been linked to heart disease, colon cancers, lung cancers, diabetes, higher cholesterol levels, osteoporosis (brittleness of bones), kidney diseases, blood pressure, obesity and more recently the consumption of beef has lead to the fatal MAD COW DISEASE.

Animal agriculture and the environment:

Contrary to popular beliefs, animal agriculture takes a devastating toll on the earth’s natural resources because it requires enormous amounts land, water, fertilizes and other resources to feed farm animals.  It would be easier on the earth’s resources, if we all turned vegetarian.

Animals pay a heavy price for our way of living:

All of us have a distorted notion that drinking milk or eating eggs does not kill animals. We seldom realize that the cows and chickens live their short lives caged, drugged, mutilated and deprived of their most basic freedom so that we can drink milk or eat eggs.  Many of us are not aware that these animals are cruelly slaughtered when their production rates decline.

The four holistic food groups:

A vegetarian diet would be a lot healthier and holistic.

Whole grains, which include rice, bread, pasta, corn, cereals, millets, barley are rich in fiber and other complex carbohydrates, proteins, B complex vitamins and trace elements.

Vegetables are rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene riboflavin, iron, calcium and fiber.

Legumes are all good sources of fiber, protein, iron, calcium, zinc and B vitamins. Soya milk and tofu are excellent sources of vegetable protein.

Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene.


The meat industry has contributed to more American deaths than all wars, natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined.

Adopting a Vegan lifestyle is not easy but it provides abundant benefits to animals’ lives, to the environment, and to our own health.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 170.





 It is derived from an herb called as Spigelia Antihelmia. This herb has a pink root.

This remedy suits subjects who are afraid of sharp pointed things, pin and needles.

Spigelia is an important remedy in pericarditis or other disease of the heart.

This remedy is also useful in certain eye and nervous system disorders.  It is particularly useful in glaucoma of the left eye.  This remedy suits subjects who have pain beneath the frontal eminence and temples extending to the eyes, worse in the left eye.

It is an extremely useful remedy for headache.  This remedy is useful when the pain is throbbing and worse while making a false step.

This remedy suits subjects who have a pressing pain in the eyes whole turning them and when there is severe pain in and around the eyes extending deep into the socket of the eyeball.  This remedy is useful in ciliary neuralgia.  This remedy is useful in TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA.

This remedy is useful in chronic nasal catarrh, with postnasal drip, with the forepart of the nose being dry.

This remedy is useful in combating severe toothache, worse after eating and from cold food, with a foul odor from the mouth.

This remedy is useful in Facial neuralgia, which is worse on the left side.

This remedy is useful in violent palpitation, with pre-cordial chest pain, which aggravates with movement.  This remedy is also useful for chest pain with radiating neuralgia extending to both arms.  This remedy is useful in angina pectoris and in breathlessness of cardiac origin.  This remedy is useful in Neuralgia that comes on before the vesicles appear in Herpes Zoster.

This remedy is useful in worm infestation and in subjects with ineffectual urging of the stools.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from touch, motion, noise turning, washing and from concussion of the head.

This remedy suits subjects who are better lying on the right side with the head held high.


 SPIGELIA often stops the pain curatively, where a narcotic especially some barbiturate is given by a routinist, a down hill practice.  Dr. T. K. Moore, M.D.

 In some cases of pericarditis I have treated, SPIGELIA has done all the medicine could do and I have the utmost confidence in it. Dr. Russel, M.D.

 Coronary thrombosis has become one of the biggest killers of civilized men and it is a pity that men do not think of SPIGELIA ANTIHELMITHICA in their distress. To be given in the I.M. potency.   Dr. Jugal Kishore, D.M.S.