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Some useful Homeopathic medicines -Part 150.




 This remedy is derived from the Wing Flower.

It is predominantly a remedy for female subjects, who are mild, gentle, yielding in disposition, sad, crying and who readily weep while talking.

It suits subjects who are better IN THE OPEN AIR.

It suits subjects who have thick discharges, which are bland and yellowish green.

THIRSTLESSNESS IS THE KEYNOTE SYMPTOM OF THIS REMEDY. This remedy suits subjects who do not feel thirsty, who are peevish, chilly with a great sense of sensitiveness.

It suits subjects who weep easily and fear to be alone in the dark in the evenings and for those subjects who fear ghosts.

It suits children who like to be fussed and caressed.  It suits subjects who have a morbid dread of the opposite sex.  It also suits highly emotional subjects.

It suits subjects who have headaches and the pain extends to the teeth. This remedy suits subjects who have Frontal & Supra-orbital pains and neuralgias that commence in the right temporal region, associated with scalding lacrymation of the affected side. It suits subjects, who are taxed with a headache, due to overwork.

This remedy suits subjects, who have a thick bland ear discharge, with an offensive odor with pain in the ear, which is worse at night.

This remedy also suits subjects, who have a thick profuse bland discharge from the eyes, with itching and burning in the eyes.  This remedy is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE IN STYE IN THE EYE associated with inflammation of the lids. This remedy is useful in conjunctivitis in children. (This disease entity is called as OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM).

This remedy suits subjects, who are prone to colds with a stoppage of the right nostril, pressing pain in the root of the nose, with a sense of loss of smell and large fetid scales in the nose.  This remedy is useful for the stoppage of the nose, which is worse in the evening, with yellow mucous and when it is associated with bad smell in old catarrhal nasal infections.

This remedy suits subjects who have a dry mouth without any thirst and a crack in the middle of the lower lip.  The subjects who require this remedy find that food and bread tastes bitter and the taste is often bilious, greasy, salty and foul.

This remedy suits subjects, who are averse to fat and warm food and drink.   It suits subjects who have frequent eructation and the taste of the food remains in the mouth for long. This remedy suits flatulent subjects who dislike butter.  This remedy is also useful in cases of dyspepsia with great tightness of the abdomen around the waist and the subject must loosen the clothing.  It is a remedy that suits subjects, who are prone to vomiting of food eaten long before. It also suits subjects who have water brash with a foul taste in the mouth.  This remedy is useful in subjects, who have abdominal distension and colic with a watery and rumbling stool at night.  It also suits subjects, whose no two stools look alike.

This remedy is useful to cure Hemorrhoids (piles) with itching and stitching pains in the stomach. It is a useful remedy for dysentery when the stools are filled with mucous and blood.

This remedy suits subjects who have a frequent urge to urinate, with a burning sensation in the orifice of the urethra, during and after urination. It is also useful when subjects have involuntary urination at night while coughing or passing flatus.  This remedy is useful when there is a spasmodic pain in the bladder after urination.

This remedy suits female subjects who have amenorrhoea (less menstruation), whenever menstruation is suppressed and whenever the menstrual blood is dark, clotted and changeable, acrid and associated with leucorrhoea, which is burning creamy and associated with backache.

This remedy suits male subjects who have testicular inflammation (orchitis), pain in the abdomen with stricture in the urethra, when the urine that is passed drops in a stream, which is thin and interrupted. This remedy is also useful in acute Prostatitis, where the pain in the back is worse while lying down.  This remedy is useful in Orchitis associated with Mumps.

This remedy is useful in subjects, who have hoarseness with a dry cough, which is worse in the evening and night and the subject has to sit up in the bed to get relief. This remedy is also useful whenever the cough is loose in the morning with a capricious mucous expectoration.

This remedy suits subjects, who are wide awake in the evening and wake up in the morning un-refreshed, with an irresistible sleepiness in the afternoon.  This remedy suits subjects, who sleep with their hands over their head.

This remedy suits subjects who have a tearing pain in the thighs and the legs and the pains in the limbs shift rapidly.  It also suits subjects, who feel a sense of numbness around the elbows and pain around the hip joint and have swollen knees with tearing pains.

This remedy is useful whenever the feet are red, inflamed and swollen.

The remedy suits subjects who have urticaria (hives), associated with diarrhea after eating rich food, which is worse while undressing.

This remedy is useful in Acne (pimples), which occur during puberty.

This remedy is also useful in varicose veins.

This remedy suits subjects who have fever with chilliness in a warm room without thirst.  It is also useful, whenever there is intolerable burning heat at night.  It is also useful whenever the fever is associated with diarrhea, loss of appetite and nausea.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse in the heat, fat rich food and who feel better in the open air, motion, cold applications, cold food and drinks.


 PULSATILLA will empty the majority of the pus tubes.

Dr. Boger. M.D.

 After labor, PULSATILLA is very useful in promoting the secretion of milk when this is deficient, or in improving the quality.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 The Obstetrician of Durham College in 1901 at a clinic, witnessed by a group of students, changed a breech presentation to a normal delivery in less than a minute by 1 dose of PULSATILLA CM. Dr. Kent reported a similar result, In fact, there are several cases on record.  When you have a case of prolonged labor with no progress, in a woman inclined to be fat, with a mild, tearful disposition, who pleads with you to open the window, as she is smothering, and you think it is a case for forceps delivery, just hunt for the forceps, while your nurse gives the patient a dose of PULSATILLA anywhere from 30 to the CM.  You will lay your forceps aside unless there is a malformation.

Dr. William H. Schwart. M.D.

When molar pregnancy is discovered, PULSATILLA is the best remedy to be administered with reference to expulsion of the degenerate ovum.

Dr. Sheldon Leavitt, M.D.

 Ascites due to menstrual difficulties especially at puberty or at the menopause is cured by PULSATILLA.

Dr. Jousett.

 For gouty symptoms in women at menopause, study BURSA PASTORIS AND PULSATILLA.

Dr. Burnett, M.D.

 If there are no specific reasons for other remedies, I start treatment in young girls with mild catarrhal discharge (leucorrhoea) by giving PULSATILLA especially if the discharge is thick like cream, and then SULFUR or SEPIA according to symptoms.  If these remedies are not sufficient to affect a cure, then CALC. CARB or GRAPHITES come in question.  In children, MERCURY or CALC CARB is mostly indicated.

Dr. Wassily.

 Mothers come to hospital; “cannot think of what is the matter with the child”; it is so grizzly lately, PULSATILLA generally cures.

Dr.Tyler, M.D.

Don’t forget the young nursing babies whose greatest fault is constipation – remember to give the mother PULSATILLA 12x every 2 hours for several days and watch the baby’s constipation correct itself.

Dr. Bonnell, M.D.

 PULSATILLA is a specific for a cough, which is loose by day, but becomes dry and tickling on lying down at night.

Dr. Hirschall.

I want you not to select PULSATILLA for a loose cough unless you are sure that all the symptoms of the case call for it; it often tightens such a cough without curing it.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

PULSATILLA is often a valuable palliative in nocturnal loose cough, as of phthisis; and is sometimes the best medicine in sub-acute and chronic bronchitis occurring in delicate persons and accompanied with much mucous expectoration.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

In my own hands, PULSATILLA assumes a growing importance as a reducer of the prostatic irritation, which troubles so many elderly men.  I find the 6th dilution most effective.

Dr. Krussler.

In cases of orchitis, our first remedy is not SPONGIA; PULSATILLA stands at the head of the list and next to it we may rank HAMMEMELIS.  The later drug could be used both locally and internally. It relieves the intense soreness and enables the patient to attend to his duties.

Dr. F. A. Farrington, M.D.

I have repeatedly found the administration of PULSATILLA helpful in removing the objection to fatty kinds of food.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

PULSATILLA will blight a sty in the eye almost as effectually as BELLADONNA will a boil.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

PULSATILLA is a better antidote to Whiskey than even NUX VOMICA.

Dr. Hering, M.D.

As an orthodox practitioner, you cannot go far wrong if you give the patient a few powders of this remedy, for there is no other treatment for Measles apart from nursing and commonsense, but if you give PULSATILLA, which is so often indicated and it happens to be the right remedy, as it usually is in 9 cases out of 10, you are unlikely to be troubled with any of its troublesome complications.

Dr. R. Kerr Shearer.

For the twitching of the eyelids with dazzling of sight, with which some patients are annoyed, I know of no remedy so useful as PULSATILLA.

Dr. Hughes. L.R.C.P.

PULSATILLA will cure earache in almost all sensitive children who cry pitifully.  But those who are snappish, who are never suited, who will throw away something they have asked for and slap the nurse in the face, must have CHAMOMILLA. With PULSATILLA, CHAMOMILLA & ALLIUM CEPA, you can cure the majority of earaches in children.

PULSATILLA, above all other remedies, has the power to unlock suppressions of modern serum therapy.

Dr. T. K. Moore, M.D.

PULSATILLA is probably the strictly homeopathic remedy that I use most often in early Tuberculosis.

Dr. Walter Sand Mills, M.D.

These three. SANGUINARIA, IRIS & MELILOTUS together with PULSATILLA and IPECAC can have and will take care of most headaches.  And this is not after the manner of Aspirin and its companion sedatives, but carefully matched removes it lock, stock and barrel.

Dr. T. K. Moore, M.D.

Dr. Roberts has said to me many times that PULSATILLA is the great un-locker of suppressions.

Dr. Allen D. Sudherland, M.D.

Inflammation of the parotids (Mumps) changing of the testes or mammae is generally cured by CARBO VEG or PULSATILLA, but ABRONATUM has cured when these remedies have failed.

Dr. Kent.

Importance of a strong metabolism


A healthy metabolism is not merely to have a thin body. A healthy metabolism is also  beneficial for fertility, a good immune function, lean muscle mass, lower rates of degenerative diseases and infectious diseases, brain functionality, longevity, having more energy

The brain is the best benefited of a good metabolism because of its extremely high demands for energy.  Metabolism naturally and constantly slows after age 40. This means that as you age, you need to start increasing your metabolism in order to maintain your health and be youthful.

Determinants of a good metabolism:

They include your gender, genetic makeup, age, hormonal health, body composition (percent of muscle mass and fat), and level of activity. Your metabolic rate has a big effect of on your energy levels, mood, and appearance because it determines how well you can “burn” calories.

Signs that your metabolism is sluggish:

  • feeling cold,
  • ongoing fatigue
  • dry skin
  • thinning hair
  • brittle fingernails
  • trouble sleeping through the night
  • bloating after eating
  • constipation
  • mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • frequently urinating
  • struggling to lose weight
  • trouble concentrating
  • food allergies
  • low energy levels
  • getting sick more often

How to improve your metabolism:

Getting good sleep is a way to health. When the body is fatigued it slows down the metabolism in order to save energy. Lack of sleep is associated with high cortisol levels which are connected with weight gain, poor mental functioning, and becoming resistant to insulin.

Eat Metabolism Boosting Foods to Your Diet:

Add metabolism boosting foods to your diet such as garlic, cayenne pepper, chilli, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, and apple cider vinegar.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

  • processed foods
  • sugary drinks
  • artificial ingredients and sweeteners
  • low-quality animal and dairy products


Eating enough every day is critical for hormonal, cognitive, and overall health.  It is especially important to consume calories from various unprocessed whole foods.  Eat well and experience better digestion, positive moods and a desire to be active and more stable blood sugar levels.  By eating enough you’ll have more motivation to be active, gain muscle mass and strength quicker, and feel less fatigued.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 149.




 This remedy is derived from the sero-purulent matter of a scabies vesicle.  It is useful for Psoric type of miasmatic manifestation.

This remedy suits infants who are pale, delicate, sickly, restless, and troublesome and whose body and stools have a filthy odor.

It suits children with a history of Eczema in the family and for those who suffer from enuresis, worse during full moon.

It is a medicine that suits subjects who are cold and extremely sensitive to cold. It suits subjects who have debility independent of any disease.  It suits subjects who have a lack of reaction to medicines; it also acts best when the best-chosen medicines fail to act.

It is a remedy that suits subjects who are scrofulous and have a filthy odor in the skin.

It is a good remedy that gives immunity to subjects against catching cold.

It is useful in subjects, who are hopeless and despair that they will ever recover, suffer from religious melancholia with a suicidal tendency.

This remedy suits subjects who suffer from chronic headache with vertigo.  It suits subjects who have moist eczema of the scalp, oozing a sticky offensive fluid.  This remedy suits subjects who are worse with every change of weather, with a humid eruption of scalp, with matted and dry hair.

It suits subjects who have blepharitis (inflammation of lid margin) with chronic ophthalmia where the edges of the eyelids are red.

It is useful in dry coryza with stoppage of the nose with a chronic catarrh.

It is useful in raw oozing around the ears, with an offensive discharge due to eczema around the ears.

It is useful in Tonsillitis where the tonsils are swollen and there is a recurring QUINSY (peri-tonsillar abscess).  This remedy eradicates the tendency for Quinsy and can prevent the possibility of surgically excising the tonsils.

It is useful in subjects, who hawk cheesy balls with a disgusting taste and smell.  It is useful in subjects, who have an eructation, which smells like bad eggs and the subject in always hungry and must have something to eat.

This remedy suits subjects, who have bloody mucous stools, which are hard and difficult with blood oozing from the rectum.

It suits female subjects, who suffer from leucorrhoea, with much backache and debility.

It suits subjects with asthma with difficulty in sitting up and better while lying down and after keeping arms wide apart.

It suits subjects who have a dry hard cough with great weakness in the chest and the cough returns every winter from suppressed eruption.

It suits subjects who have hay fever returning every year. It suits subjects who have a dirty skin, dry lusterless and rough hair.

It suits subjects who have intolerable itching, herpetic eruptions on the scalp, sebaceous glands that secrete excessively, with eczema around the ears.  It suits subjects who suffer from urticaria after every exertion.

It suits subjects who suffer from sleeplessness from intolerable itching, which becomes worse after drinking coffee and changes of weather and subjects who dread the least draft of cold air.

This remedy also suits subjects who are better in heat, warm clothing and summer. This remedy also suits subjects who have a religious melancholy with a despair of recovery and salvation.


I recommend that PSORINUM be tried in hydrocoele, an affliction, which is hard to cure because it presents no indicating symptoms.  The favorable action of PSORINUM on fluids in hernial sacs suggest it for hydrocoele.

Dr. Goullon.

Whenever migraine comes, if the patient sits holding a hot sponge on his head: PSORINUM.

Dr. Blakie.

 PSORINUM is usually needed at some time during the treatment of fibroids.

Dr. Hayes, M.D.

 PSORINUM: This precious anti-psoric remedy has, at various times, in many years, done wonderful work in all types of malnutrition, due to any cause, whether, it be disordered digestion, rickets, scurvy, syphilis, the result of acute infections or secondary anemia.

Dr. William B. Griggs, M.D.

Schizophrenic patients are notoriously dirty and careless of personal appearance. SULPHUR & PSORINUM are medicines to be considered.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

 Sometimes after acute or violent diseases we find the patient greatly prostrated.  For instance, after Typhoid fever, he is depressed in mind, weak in body, low spirited, hopeless of recovery and yet you know that there is no absolute certainty that the patient cannot get well: that there are no organic lesions remaining. He has weakening night sweats.  Perhaps SULPHUR has been given without result.  In such cases PSORINUM is the remedy.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

 PSORINUM should be remembered for extreme weakness in acute disease or for after-effects of infectious diseases lasting for years, it clears up recurrent or confused states.

Dr. P Banerjee.

 Give PSORINUM after an acute attack of Appendicitis has subsided, to prevent return

Hom. Recorder. March’ 31.

 In my experience, PSORINUM is often indicated after PYROGEN.

Dr. E. Underhill. Jr. M.D.

 I have found, at least several times that a remedy like PSORINUM, which is so terribly chilly, is necessary in the course of treatment of deep allergies, in spite of the fact that the patient is very warm-blooded.

Dr. Schmidt. M.D.

 PSORINUM: I have stopped the sweating head of rickets after the failure of CALCIUM AND SILICA.




Qigong is a unique Chinese Traditional technique.  It has the potential to re-structure medicine.  In “external” Qigong, the Qigong doctor does a non-touch energy assessment of the patient and actually projects or conducts Qi, or positive healing energy, in a treatment mode to the patient.

The Methodology:

In the assessment of the patient, rather than asking questions, taking pulses, observing the tongue, palpating reflexes and ordering lab tests, as is done in Western Orthodox medicine, the Qigong Doctor uses concentration, intuition and reading of the Qi energy with off the body diagnostic scanning.  In the treatment, the practitioner actually projects the Qi energy to have a healing effect.

Both these techniques seem impossible and fantastic, however, research is revealing that there may be authentic, explainable and demonstrable natural laws and mechanisms, upon which the operation of this therapy revolves.  Delores Krieger, a researcher of Qigong has shown that in-vivo hemoglobin values were significantly affected by the administration of this energy based technique. This therapeutic touch, which is an ‘off the body’ technique of assessing and healing has experienced a terrific interest the nursing community in the US.

Another unique aspect of Qigong doctors is that a number of them have developed the ability to manipulate the limbs of the patients and research participants from a distance, effect changes in the physical or chemical properties of research materials with intention and even cause anesthesia by pointing the Qi energy at certain acupuncture points.

The current status of Qigong:

Dr. Zhang Yu of the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Xi Yuan Hospital has amazed groups of American observers with his external conductance ability.  In October 1986, an article in the LA Times revealed the ability of Master Xun Yunkun to treat terminally ill cancer and paralytic patients, with Qi projection.  Master Xun has also treated patients of Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis and other crippling diseases, by harnessing electrical energy and projecting it across a distance to effect healing.

The American Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Stanford University have teamed up and are doing a collaborative research project on Bio-luminesence and Qigong with a focus of satisfying the rational research model.

Already, about 128 research papers were presented in the First World Conference for the Academic Exchange of Medical Qigong in 1988, which was sponsored by the China Medical Association, the Chinese Ministry of Health, China Qigong Research Institutes and the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and health experts attended this conference from about 17 countries.


 Qigong doctors and such therapies must be encouraged because it has a potential for all health seekers to move toward freedom from dependence upon health experts outside themselves, through self applied Qigong techniques.


It is a pity that we as Indians are the closest neighbours of China, but we know very little of their Traditional Medicine and rich culture.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 148.



This remedy is derived from May apple, a plant belonging to the order of Barberidaceae.

This remedy is a children’s remedy.  It is useful for diarrhea in children with dentition, when the stools are green, watery, profuse and involuntary.  It is a useful remedy in infantile cholera, when used in the 1 M potency.

It is a remedy useful in cases of liver and duodenal disturbances, which is associated with a lot of distension.  It is useful in subjects with hot sour belching, nausea and vomiting and thirsting for large quantities of water.  It is also a useful remedy for Heartburn.

It is useful when the subject can only be comfortable while lying on the stomach, passing stool that is watery, jelly like, with mucous, painless and profuse, which is gushing and offensive.

It is useful in subjects who grind their teeth at night, with the intense desire to press the gums together.  It is useful when the tongue is broad, moist large with a burning sensation.

It is a useful remedy when there is a putrid taste in the mouth.

It is useful in prolapse of the rectum, before and after stools.  It is useful when there is alternate constipation with diarrhea.

It is useful in prolapse of the uterus, with right ovarian pain, and pain under the right scapula.

This remedy is useful in ailments pertaining to the right side of the body: right throat, right hypochondrium or right ovary, when the ailments are associated with depression and thirst for large quantities of water, with violent cramps in the feet, calves or things.  This remedy suits persons, who are constantly rubbing and shaking the liver region with the hand.


 For complete obstruction I have had wonderful success with PODOPHYLLUM C.M.

Dr. Wilbur K. Bond, M.D.

In constipation of bottle-fed babies, PODOPHYLLUM will sometimes relieve.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

I value PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM, highly in constipation, which it relieves safely, easily, naturally and effectually. My experience shows the propriety of diminishing, not increasing the dose.

Dr. Andrew Clark.

PODOPHYLLUM is a very potent remedy for certain injuries of the spine.

Dr. R. E.S. Hayes, M.D.

There is no remedy so surely indicated by painless cholera murbus as PODOPHYLLUM.

Dr. Bell.

PODOPHYLLUM is excellent in moderate attacks of jaundice, without fever, in chronic jaundice not much interfering with the general health.

Dr. Hempel.