Home remedies for Summer Boils.


Many of the Home remedies have come to us from generations. Some of them are also called as grandmother’s remedies. Often times these remedies have a lot of hidden scientific sense.

 Summer boils are a very tricky problem and there are several home remedies of great repute and are extremely efficacious.

Warm compresses:

One of the time tested methods is to give frequent application of warm compresses and this helps boils heal without requiring a visit to the doctor. The idea here is scientific and it helps increase the blood supply to the area. Once the boil ruptured and emptied itself of infectious waste, the sore can began to heal.

Garlic with onion:

A mixture of garlic juice together with onion juice in equal quantity, it is very efficacious and when applied on the boils, it helps ripen them and then break them to expel the pus.

Cumin seeds:

A paste of cumin seeds with water when applies on boils has an anti-septic action and gets rid of the boils.

Bitter gourd:

Bitter gourd can also be a very effective remedy for boils. Take 1 cup bitter gourd juice, add one teaspoon of lime juice. Sip it slowly on an empty stomach. It is a cleansing agent and helps in curing boils.


 Is one of the most common boil home remedies. Grate fresh ginger and pack on top of the boil. This increases the blood flow to the boil and helps them burst. Ginger may turn your skin red and this is normal.

Egg whites:

Spread beaten egg whites on the boil and cover with a bandage. This definitely speeds up drying and healing of the boil.

I would like to caution readers that if the boils do not burst or if they become worse, a qualified doctor must be consulted without wasting time.

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