How useful is Oregano oil?


Oregano is one of the best herbs for holistic medicine. The oil of oregano is rich in natural medicine.

Some medicinal uses of Oregano:

Natural Antibiotic. Research has also shown that oregano oil may be effective against types of bacteria that can become resistant to antibiotics. This includes ESBL pathogens Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli, both of which are common causes of urinary tract and respiratory tract infections.

Improve Gut Health – Oregano may help improve the health of your gut. Oregano oil help against a leaky gut“(when the gut is so damaged that bacteria and toxins leak into the bloodstream) but it could also help alleviate gut symptoms such as diarrheal, pain and bloating.

Anti-Inflammatory – inflammation is a major cause of many medical problems, and it can be partially attributed to the average diet, which is highly inflammatory!  But oregano oil may be able to help with the inflammation.  One study in particular, found that oregano oil, along with thyme oil, reduced inflammatory markers in the blood.

Pain Relief – Oregano oil has significantly reduced pain in mice.

Help Treat Yeast Infections – Yeast is a type of fungus. And while it can be mostly harmless, an overgrowth can result in gut problems and uncomfortable infections, such as thrush. Oregano oil has been found to be effective against five different types of Candida, such as those that cause infections in the mouth and vagina.


Oregano oil has been found useful as a food supplement and also useful when gargled and has the capacity to pull out toxins for the both. It is a very promising oil of the 21st century.