Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 126.



This remedy is derived from Hydrochloric acid.

This remedy is useful in Vertigo, which becomes worse lying on the right side.

This remedy is useful in typhoid fever, when the fever is in the last stage and not very high, and there is great debility in the patient.

This remedy is useful in malignant affections in the mouth, in carcinomas, which are deep and perforating and associated with an offensive breath and prostration.  This remedy is also useful in aphthous ulcers in the mouth in adults and infants.

This remedy is useful in hemorrhoids, which are swollen blue, sensitive and painful to touch.

It is useful in diarrhea with involuntary stools, while urinating and on passing wind.  It suits persons who cannot urinate without having bowel movement at the same time.

This remedy is useful in muscular debility with paralysis of the tongue, paralysis of the anal sphincter, rectum and bladder with soreness of the genitals.