Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 14.




The source of this remedy is the Wild Indigo and the mother tincture is prepared from the root and the bark of the plant.

It is suitable for asthenic patients with low-grade fevers.

It is useful in septic conditions, malaria and certain forms of food poisonings.

It is very useful in Typhoid fever and also for eliminating the germs from Typhoid carriers.

It is useful when the subjects have fetid discharges with putrid ulceration of the mouth.

It is useful in viral fevers with delirium stupor and rapid prostration and great soreness in the body.

In several of these patients, the abdomen is distended and the stools are offensive, dark, thin and bloody. It is useful in the dysentery of old persons.


It is useful in appendicitis with great soreness in the right iliac fossa.

It is also useful in Urinary tract infections with involuntary urination.

It is useful to relieve the Rheumatic soreness all over the body.

It suits subjects who are worse in the humid head, in fogs, on pressure and upon awakening.

Extended clinical observation has proved its value when Dysentery assumes a Typhoid character.

Dr. Bell.

If there is any ground to fear an attack of Typhus, HYOSCAMUS AND BAPTISIA are probably the best preventives, with plenty of fresh air and wholesome food.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

One has seen startling examples of prompt curative action of BAPTISIA in Influenza – in slight cases and in serious ones.

Dr. M. L. Tyler, M.D.
BAPTISIA is the king of all remedies for Typhoid. No remedy can supplant it in the first stage.
Dr. Burt.

Strange as it may sound, coming from an Allopathic physician’s mouth. I have found the concomitant use of Baptisia in Typhoid fever useful, in cutting short the morbidity of the disease.  Another advantage is that it seems to reduce bacterial resistance of Salmonella typhi to the Fluroquinolones like Ofloxacin and the patient responds to the therapy and the intensity of the symptoms comes down.  Unfortunately, I have never been able to back this clinical observation with concrete proof.  But, more objective studies must be done to see, if this remedy does help in reducing bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

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