Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 160.





This remedy is derived from a shrub called as Savine or Juniperus Sabina.

 This remedy is pre-dominantly a female remedy and has a special affinity to the uterus.

It is also useful in gout.  It is useful whenever there is pain extending from the sacrum to the pubic region.

It suits subjects who find MUSIC INTOLERABLE and who are extremely nervousness.

This remedy is suitable in female subjects with vertigo with suppressed menstruation.

This remedy suits subjects who have a sense of fullness in the rectum with constipation with pain in the back to the pubis.  This remedy is also useful in piles, which bleed copiously with bright red blood.

It suits male subjects who have inflammatory gonorrhea with pus like discharge, with Sycotic excrescences (warts). This remedy suits male subjects, who have a burning sensation and pain in the glans penis.  It is also useful, whenever the prepuce (the foreskin of the penis) is painful with difficulty in retracting it.

This remedy suits subjects, who have bloody urine, with inflammation of the bladder with a throbbing sensation all over, with inflammation of the urethra.

This remedy suits female subjects who have a profuse menses, which are too early; with bring red blood and uterine pains that extend up to the thighs. It also suits female subjects, who have menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstruation), where the vaginal bleeding is partially clotted, with a tendency to abort.  This remedy is useful in threatened miscarriage and also in habitual abortion, where the sexual desire is increased. This remedy is also useful in leucorrhoea after menses, which is corrosive and offensive.  This remedy is useful in expelling the retained placenta and also is useful in expelling Moles from the uterus.  This remedy suits female subjects, who have an inflammation of the ovaries and uterus after abortion.

This remedy is suitable when there is pain from the sacrum to the pubis and from below upward, shooting up the vagina.

This remedy suits female subjects, who have a bruised pain in the anterior portion of the thighs and shooting to the heels and the metatarsal bones. This remedy suits subjects, who have arthritic pain in the joints and gout, worse in a heated room.

This remedy also suits subjects, who have fig warts with intolerable itching and burning with exuberant granulation.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse with the least motion, heat and warm air. It also suits subjects who are better in cold air.


 My big ‘5’ in obstetrical hemorrhage are MILLEFOLIUM, PHOSPHORUS, NITRIC ACID, and SECALE CORNUTUM AND SABINA.