Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 22.


This remedy is derived from the flowering plant, the Night blooming circus.


This remedy is useful in Cardio-vascular disorders, such as Angina Pectoris and in IHD’s.

It suits patients, who have a suffocative feeling and feel that the heart is clasped by a vice and have palpitation.

It is also useful in cases of cardiac conditions associated with coldness of the extremities and numbness of the left arm.


This remedy is useful in cases of Acute Left Ventricular failure.


It is also useful in cases of ‘Globus Hystericus’, which is a hysterical condition where there is a sensation of a lump choking the throat.

Although this remedy is considered useful in Angina Pectoris and Ischemic Heart disease, I do not think that any allopathic physician would dare to use it as a first line anti-angina agent. With the advances in Interventional Cardiology, this remedy may become marginalized. It must however be remembered that this remedy has come over a hundred years ago, when we did not have nitrates, or remedies like Trimetazidine, Nicorandil, low dose aspirin preparations and the large majority of remedies that we have in the allopathic armamentarium to combat Coronary Artery disease today.

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