Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 27.


This remedy is derived from the Phosphate of Lime.

It is considered to be a constitutional remedy in children, who are thin and emaciated in the neck, with rickets and slow closure of the fontanels of the skull bones

It is a useful remedy useful in tardy dentition and troubles of bones, non-union of fractured bones and in anemia.


The patient is peevish and wants to go somewhere all the time.

It is useful in headaches in school children near puberty, with a slow closure of the fontanels.

The patient may suffer from defective hearing.

The remedy is useful when the adenoids and the tonsils are swollen.

There is a craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats.

The children are prone to vomiting.


The patient has diarrhea from fruits or during dentition with a fetid smelling flatus.


There is a colicky pain in the abdomen at every attempt to eat

Another important symptom is calf cramps, stiffness and pain that are worse with every change in the weather.

It is useful for girls during puberty, who grow tall rapidly with a tendency for the bones and the spine to soften.

It is a specific biochemic remedy for Hydrocephalus, Tuberculosis, Rheumatism, rickets, Spina Bifida and enlarged tonsils.

The patient requiring this remedy are worse on exposure to cold weather, during melting snow, lying after supper.

The patient is better in summer and in a warm dry atmosphere.

If during pregnancy, a woman complains of pain in the sacro-iliac symphysis, CALC PHOS ought to help her.

Dr. E. A. Farrington, M.D.

If a child refuses to eat even after taking vitamins, tonics, appetizers etc., think especially of CALC PHOS.

Dr. Arthur W. Records.

CALC PHOS should be given as a tonic for weakness after Small Pox, Chicken pox and Measles.

Dr. R.B. Das.

Both men and women whose health has been broken by a town residence or by overwork, and who, from other causes, are languid and incapable of doing much work and whose spirits are depressed, may be very much benefited with this medicine.

Dr. Ringer.

For bad effects of disappointed love, in hysterical subjects, IGNATIA needs CALC PHOS to finish the cure.

Dr. S. P. Koppikkar, B.H.M.S.
One must never forget CALC PHOS especially in arthritis of the neck and the shoulder girdle, and CALC FLOUR.

Dr. E. W. Hubbard, M.D.


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