The Karma theory is not merely about re-incarnation. It includes the whole gamut of situations and relationships that we encounter in this birth.  Many westerners believe that the ‘Karma theory’ has made us Indians fatalistic and materially backward.  While, this may be partly true, the ‘Karma theory’ has held Indian society together over the years.

In recent times we have forgotten the real meaning of this theory and that is why our health has deteriorated to its current levels.  Our statistics of Cancers, Coronary artery disease and Dyslipidemias are worse than the Western standards, ever since we became urbanized and industrialized. 

Very simplistically put, according to the ‘Karma theory’, when we die in our last birth, we are shown a review of our actions in that life and we are actually made to experience the pain that our actions caused to others.  UNABLE TO FORGIVE OURSELVES FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO OTHERS, AND UNABLE TO FORGIVE OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY DID TO US IN OUR LAST BIRTH, it is we who tell God to give us another birth where we can atone for our wrong actions and take revenge on those who have hurt us.

So, in the truest sense, God is not the cause of our current state of misery in this life.   Our current life is AN AGREEMENT WITH GOD, MADE BY GOD AND US DOES NOT HAVE ANY PART IN OUR CHOICE.  When we are born again, we have no memory of our past life action. That is taken away from us.  It is only a few yogis who know there past lives and that of the others.

This theory is not something that we can dismiss as nonsense or irrelevant.  It helps us have a correct understanding of why we suffer and why certain relationships are doomed in failure. This theory makes us feel contented and we will not exult when things go right or experience depression when things go wrong.

A proper understanding of this theory can also serve as a medical tool to combat the increasing numbers of ‘STRESS RELATED DISEASES’.