Homeopathic Kit – Part 26



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This remedy is useful in Urticaria associated with Rheumatism.

  This remedy is also useful in Agalactia  (diminished secretion of milk) and in Uric acid lithiasis.

  This remedy is said to antidote the ill effects of eating shell fish.

  It is useful in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  It is useful in cases of scrotal itching with swelling in the scrotum.

  This remedy is also useful in uterine haemorrhages with acrid leucorrhoea with pruritis in the vulva and stinging and edema.

  This remedy is useful in gouty pain in the deltoid region and in the ankle and wrists.

  This remedy is suitable when the skin has itchy blotches of urticaria with violent itching.

 It is useful in Herpes labialis.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse in the cold moist weather and worse from touch.


 In Acute Gout I have had great success with URTICA URENS Q, 10 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

  Dr. Ruddock.  M.D.

 No home in the town or country should be without URTICA URENS TINCTURE – if only because of its magic power over burns; for almost instant relief of pain and rapid healing.  This of course applies to superficial burns.

  Dr. Tyler; M.D.

   URTICA URENS has cured the most obstinate cases of Deltoid rheumatism in 10 drops doses of the tincture. It is thought this has the power to dissolve deposits of urates in the muscles.

  Dr. Dewey. M.D.


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