My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 1.

Stomach upsets.



As children, we used to love visiting grandma in our summer holidays. All of us cousins created havoc at our ancestral home in the southern state of Kerala, India.

We used to get small injuries, stomach upsets and diarrhea from over eating and my wonderful grandma had a home remedy for all these small ailments.

Grandma’s concoction for stomach pain due to indigestion and over eating:

index3 Mint leaves

Grandma used to a small bunch of crushed fresh mint leaves and put it into 1 cup boiling water.

index4 Cinnamon

Then she used to add a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder to the mix.

index5 Ginger

Then she used to grate half a spoon of ginger into this mix

index6 Cumin seeds         index9 Fennel seeds


Then she used to add half a spoonful of cumin seed powder, fennel seed powder and asafetida each.

index10Mango leaves

To this mix she used to add two teaspoonfuls of mango leaves which were previously dried and powdered.

Finally when the mix was brought to a boil over a small flame. She used to cool this mixture and add some honey to taste. She then strained this mix and allowed it to cool.

One glassful of this wonderful mixture worked wonders for any stomach pain or indigestion brought about due to a gastronomic extravaganza.



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