Some useful Homeopathic remedies Part -176.


This remedy is derived from Sulfuric Acid.

Debility is one of the keynote symptoms of this remedy.

This remedy suits subjects who crave for stimulants.

It is also useful in subjects who have tremors due to weakness.

This remedy is useful in gangrene following mechanical injuries.

This remedy is useful in compressive pain in the back portion (occiput) of the head, which is relieved by holding the hands near the head.

This remedy is useful in intra-ocular hemorrhage following trauma, associated with redness of the conjunctiva.

Aphthous ulcers

This remedy is useful in apthous ulcers of the mouth, when the gums bleed easily with an offensive breath (pyorrhea).

This remedy is useful in heartburn and sour eructation, which makes the teeth sensitive.  This remedy is useful when water causes coldness in the stomach and results in sour vomiting and nausea.

This remedy is useful in Piles when there is oozing and dampness in the rectum and the rectum feels like a ball.  This remedy is also useful in diarrhea, which is fetid black with a sour odor of the body with an empty feeling in the abdomen.

This remedy was useful in female subjects, who have early and profuse menstruation with the erosion of the cervix.

This remedy is useful in subjects who have bruises, ecchymosis, and purpura (bleeding under the skin), boils and carbuncles.  This remedy is very useful staphylococcal and streptococcal infections.



I wish to call your attention to SULFURIC ACID as being the most wonderful remedy following operations in which gangrene sets in, the tissues are not strong enough to reproduce a healing inflammation, the wound does not heal, the stitches break open, there is a sort of blackness, SULFURIC ACID will relieve that: and the older the patient, the more SULFURIC ACID is indicated.

Dr. Lehman.

A caution should be observed in treating bowels affections with SULFURIC ACID, which is, not to persevere in it if the first few doses fail to mitigate the symptoms, for, in that case, it is almost certain to aggravate them.

Dr. Stille.

In convalescence after any debilitating illness, SULFURIC ACID controls the uncomfortable perspiration that follows the slightest exertion or drinking hot drinks.

Dr. R.A.F. Jack.

No remedy is as successful in relieving the distressing itching, tingling and formication of the skin of lichen, prurigo and chronic urticaria, as SULFURIC ACID taken internally.

Dr. Pereira.

I commend SULFURIC ACID in obstinate hiccough to which it is certainly curative.

Dr. Schneider.