Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 31.



This remedy is derived from Red pepper. It suits persons who are allergic to red pepper.

It is a good remedy for fat persons who are indolent and opposed to any form of physical exercise.


It is a useful remedy for those who are homesick and attempt suicide.


This a great remedy for mastoid swelling (due to Mastoiditis) and pain behind the ears with tenderness over the petrous bone.

The remedy is useful when there is pain and dryness of the throat extending to the ears.


This remedy is also useful in aphthous ulcers of the mouth where there is a feeling of hot pepper with a fetid odor from the mouth.


It is useful when the stools are bloody with mucous and with bleeding piles.

This remedy is also useful when there is a burning hot sensation in the urethra and the urine first comes out in drops and then in spurts.


It is also useful in impotency in males with coldness of the scrotum, where the testes are atrophied. It is also useful in prostatitis, when there are burning pains.

This remedy is useful in sciatica when the patient feels worse when bending backwards.

I have seen cases where every indication would point out to a mastoid operation relieved by CAPSICUM.
Dr. Weaver.

CAPSICUM tincture has been used as a stomachic for lack of appetite and dyspepsia.
Dr. Otto Lesser, M.D.

I can endorse that Dr. Lynn’s strong recommendation of CAPSICUM in Dipsomania. 10 minim doses of the tincture obviates the morning vomiting, removes the sinking at the pit of the stomach, the intense craving for stimulants and promotes appetite and digestion. It should be taken shortly before meals or whenever depression and craving for alcohol arises.
Dr. Ringer.

CAPSICUM 10 to 30 drops of Q will enable a drunkard to walk home.

Dr. Ghoshal.

For homesickness, think of this first, CAPSICUM 200

Dr. Fourbister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.
This remedy is very good for Mastoiditis. I also find it useful to combat homesickness and in persons who are allergic to red pepper.

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