Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 58.


This remedy is derived from Copper.


It is a useful remedy in spasmodic affection, cramps, convulsions beginning in fingers and toes with violent contractures and intermittent pain.

It is useful for tonic and clonic spasms.

This remedy is useful in nausea and vomiting relieved by drinking cold water with colicky diarrhea and spasms. The stools are black, painful and bloody, associated with tenesmus and weakness.


It is useful in angina pectoris where the pulse is slow and there is spasm in the chest.


It is useful in jerking, twitching of muscles and cramps in the palms, calves and the soles.

This remedy is best suited when the patient is worse before the menstrual period

The patient is better during perspiration and in cold weather.


In pure nervous asthma, there is no medicine on which we may rely more confidently to relieve the paroxysms than CUPRUM.
Dr. Russel.

One dose of 200 potency of CUPRUM helps in normal delivery.
Dr. Krichbaum.

In calf cramps, I have never known CUPRUM to fail.
Dr. Jousset.

CUPRUM will stop the frequency of the attacks of epilepsy more satisfactorily than any other remedy; it is my sheet anchor in old and obstinate cases.
Dr. Hallbert.

By giving CUPRUM as soon as the spasmodic stage sets in whooping cough, I have succeeded so well that scarcely had I been obliged to resort to any other treatment.
Dr. Bahr.

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