Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 105.



 It is a useful remedy in Angina Pectoris, when the pre-cordial chest pain is preceded by with radiation of the pain in the shoulders and the back.

It is useful when the pulse is feeble, rapid and sinking.

It is useful when the skin is marble cold.


 There are proponents for the use of Nitroglycerine in our own school, but since to be effective, sufficient to cause severe headache must be given.  We have used instead, LACTRODECTUS MACTANS 6x potency, the venom of the Black widow spider.  We have had better than 90% success using this remedy.

Dr. Charles A. Dixon, M.D.

I will not go out without LACTODECTUS MACTANS in my case for the reason that when you want it, you want it very badly.  It will relieve the terrible torture of angina pectoris very promptly and it will hold it for sometime. I have used it repeatedly in these cases. Not only does it hold it, but also, it holds it for a very long while.  You very seldom get a repetition of it afterwards, unless it is a natural pathological condition that has destroyed altogether the coronary artery.

Dr. H. A. Roberts, M.D.