Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 11


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This remedy is derived from the Indian turnip and belongs to the mustard family.

ACRIDITY is the keynote of the action of this remedy.

This remedy is useful whenever the child bores its head on the pillow during a headache.

 This remedy is useful in soreness of the nostrils, with an ACRID, EXCORIATING DISCHARGE, producing raw sores. The nose is obstructed and the patient is forced to breathe through the mouth.

 It is also useful whenever the nose is completely stopped up with a fluent acrid discharge.  This remedy is useful in Hay fever. 

 This remedy is useful when the patient picks his nose constantly till it bleeds.

 This remedy is useful when there is a raw feeling at the roof and the palate. The corners of the mouth are sore and cracked. The tongue is red and sore and the whole mouth is raw.

 The remedy is useful when the saliva is profuse and acrid and corroding.

 This remedy is useful whenever there is a swelling of the sub-maxillary glands and throat feels raw and burns and the lungs feel sore.  This remedy is useful in clergyman’s throat, when the voice is uncertain and uncontrollable.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse talking and singing.

 This remedy is also useful Typhoid fever or any other ailment associated with the constant picking of the nose.

 This remedy was found to be useful for Diphtheritic paralysis of the palate, a condition we do not see any more because of the Expanded program of Immunization.

 It is a useful remedy in children who refuse food and drink because of the soreness of the mouth and the throat.

 This remedy is also said to be useful in Acute Renal failure caused by Septic states.

 This remedy is useful in eczema of the scalp in children suffering from catarrhal affections of the eyes, nose and the throat.

 This is a terrific remedy in cases of nasal catarrh with an acrid nasal discharge with a sore throat.  I have also found it useful in laryngitis, where the patients lose their voice after expose to cold winds, speaking continuously and this remedy acts best in winter.

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